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Remember, Remember Your Tash For Movember (Vote for the best ones)

By Natalie Clark

As another successful Movember has drawn to a close and I for one cannot help but feel pain for the men of the world, as I have witnessed numerous impressive tashes that have been nurtured and cared for as if they were children vanish from their now lonely upper lips.

You can see and rate celebrity attempts at Movember at the bottom of this article Even Bieber gave it a go…

The waxed, trimmed and shaved chronicles of excellent moustachery across the UK and around the world are all in aid to raise awareness and funds for men’s health, primarily towards prostate and testicular cancers.

Mo Bro’s (as participants are known), in the 30 days of the month formerly known as November, become walking talking advertisements for the cause, stirring private and public conversations around the often less talked about issue of men’s health. The campaign, that began in 2003 as a joke between a bunch of Australian lads, has become a time of the year that men look forward to. Facebook statuses and tweets documenting the commencement of the monumental month came in a flurry, and there was plenty of disappointment from those whose hormones proved to be too large an obstacle to fulfill the challenge.

This year, in the UK alone 253,035 people had registered officially to take part and thus far the grand sum raised is £15,713,373, which trumps last years total of £11.7 million.

Ric Boullemier, from Movember UK, says the campaign has captured the imagination of men. “We’re just trying to do our bit. Breast cancer has the pink ribbon, and does an amazing job. The moustache is our ribbon. Guys are notoriously rubbish at getting themselves checked out, so it’s also about raising awareness.”

This year’s celebrity turnout did not fail to impress. Stephen Fry wore his tash untamed and rugged when he stepped out at the Evening Standard Drama Awards earlier in the month. Another excellent partaker was Ricky Gervais. The comedian posted a photo of himself on Twitter in the Movember days saying: “Morning Twerps Half way through shaving I paused for Movember. First and last time you will see me like this.”

Other celebs getting involved included Peter Crouch, Ronan Keating, Sylvester Stallone and Gary Lineker. However, a frankly embarrassing attempt came from ‘pre-teen heart throb’, Justin Bieber. Emphasis on ‘pre-teen.’ His barely there facial fluff could just about be spotted when he performed at the Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan. Though he may be turning 18 in the new year, he still has a way to go before he can join the big leagues.

The art of moustache growing has found a new lease of popularity due to the huge success of Movember. More and more men are dabbling in the lip service, some even emerging out of the month not wanting to say goodbye to their new found, homegrown fashion statement. It is almost a trophy, proving to the world that they are able create and sport the ultimate symbol of masculinity. It is as Boullemier and the team at Movember say: “A man doesn’t grow the moustache, the moustache grows the man.”

Here we look at some of the celebs Movember attemot and let you rate them. Let us know what you think: 

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