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South American giants apply heavy pressure on Falkland Island’s sovereignty

By Josh Wells

Many of Argentina’s allies are applying heavy pressure on the Falklands Island in an attempt to submit their sovereignty to Argentina.

The Mercosur bloc  (which is a customs union in South America) has recently implemented extremely tough trade restrictions on the Falklands Island by closing all their ports to ships that fly the Falklands flag.

The Falkland Islands has been blocked by the most powerful countries in South America

Prime Minister David Cameron recently stated that Britain would never consider removing its claim to sovereignty over the Falkland Islands unless the people of the islands wished so.

Despite this potential rift with Argentina, Mr Cameron insists that there is still a lot of common ground between Argentina and Britain and that a “constructive relationship” is defiantly achievable.

Britain has owned the island since the 1830’s when the British Empire was one of the greatest in the world. Since then many countries have left the Empire and the Falklands is one of the few places that still represent Britain’s former power.

So when Britain argues with Argentina over the Falklands what are thet really arguing about?

Is it Britain’s altruistic interest in protecting the people or is it that a former great power still enjoys the idea that it can influence a country half way across the world?

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