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Ultimate review of 2011: February

By Naila Missous, Josh Wells, Dave Burridge, Vanessa Martinez, Cristian Meza, Matt Hill and Richard Smith


February saw the Arab spring step up a gear as another Arab state seized the opportunity to rid themselves of the oppression they long lived under.

The Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak finally resigned after 30 years in presidency on February 11.

His resignation followed widespread protests but most importantly he lost support of some of the senior members of the military and like any dictatorship, once the military turns sour the dictator shall crumble.


In February inflation was the problem on the minds of many.

Rising food prices were beginning to hit households, so much so that three members of the monetary policy committee voted in favour of an interest rate rise.

The first mention of Greece occurred, as the IMF warned they were not reforming quickly enough. It can’t be helped but wander if even at this early stage people in the know already had a strong incline of the troubles ahead. The data was after all there for them to see.


Goodbye Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

In February, the Obama administration submitted a report that provided ways to eliminate the government’s role in home loans.

Such options would eventually bring the end of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Federal National Mortgage Association, commonly known as Fannie Mae, and The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation known as Freddie Mac, are government-sponsored enterprises designed help lower the cost and increase the availability of home loans.


February saw singer Jessie J top the charts with ‘Price Tag’, it remained at the top for two consecutive weeks. Meanwhile, Adele fought off drum ‘n’ bass musicians Chase & Status in the album charts. The drum ‘n’ bass duo moved straight to number two in the album charts with the release of their second album No More Idols. ‘Someone Like You’ allowed Adele to occupy number one of both the single and album chart in week eight (20 February).


February began with the ultimate American sporting showpiece event in Dallas where The Green Bay Packers met the Pittsburgh Steelers to decide the winner of the 45th NFL Super Bowl. The Packers defeated the Steelers 31–25 to win the Super Bowl for the fourth time.

We also saw the start of the two month marathon that is the Cricket World Cup. This time being jointly hosted by the Asian trio of India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. After England’s success in Australia a month ago expectations were high, however with the tournament being played in a different format England’s ashes success did not carry over and a stumbling world cup campaign contained shock defeats to Ireland and Bangladesh in the group stage before being knocked out by hosts Sri Lanka in the quarter finals.

The final itself ended up being fought out between two of the co-hosts with India facing Sri Lanka in Mumbai. It was India that came out on top though, winning by six wickets to win the tournament for the second time and becoming the first nation to win the tournament on home soil.

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