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Ultimate review of 2011: March

By Naila Missous, Josh Wells, Dave Burridge, Vanessa Martinez, Cristian Meza, Matt Hill and Richard Smith



Continuing into March the Arab spring was still gaining momentum with protests in many Arab countries including Bahrain and Libya.

On March 17 the UN Security Council, with the support of the Arab league, voted in favour of imposing a no fly zone upon Libya. This formalised international support against the treatment of civilians in Libya and gave much needed support to the rebels.

The international community action came after civil war broke out with supporters of Gaddafi against those who wished for him to leave.


The first signs that all is not as quiet as it seems was in March.

EU unemployment was around the 10% mark, a worryingly high figure but alone not enough to shake things up.

There is often a time lag between growth rising and unemployment falling. Greece’s debt rating was downgraded from a weak position to a weaker one, this was still not enough for them to grab the attention of the world’s media completely but at this point those high up in Europe must have began to foresee the problems ahead as bank-stress tests began, but perhaps no-one would quite predict the strong reaction of the markets.



The 2011 National Football League season was put in jeopardy, as a result of labour disputes. March 4 was the lockout deadline, however a lockout began March 11 to July 25.

Natural disasters

March saw Japan being hit by a devastating tsunami after being triggered by a magnitude 9.1 earthquake; killing over 15,000 civilians.



Adele hung onto number one in the singles chart until March 20, when Nicole Scherzinger’s ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ finally ended Adele’s run at the top of the single chart.

This though only lasted for one week, as ‘Someone Like You’ then regained its status as number one.

Jenifer Lopez returned to the top of the singles charts with, ‘On the Floor’, her first number one since 2007, which remained in place for two weeks. Succeeding it was LMFAO with ‘Party Rock Anthem’, which enjoyed four weeks at number one


March provided us with the conclusion of the 2011 Six Nations championship (Rugby Union) which were eventually won by England after a thrilling final round of matches. England went into their match against Ireland knowing victory would ensure them the grand slam, however Ireland came out well on top winning the match 24-8, denying England the grand slam. However Wales defeat to France ensured England still came top of the league table and were winners of the championship for the 26th time.

The destination of the first silverware of the 2010/2011 English football season was also decided with Arsenal facing Birmingham City in the league cup final at a Wembley. The match was Birmingham’s first cup final for 10 years and first at Wembley for 55 years where as Arsenal were hoping to end a 5 year trophy drought. Substitute Obafemi Martins late goal shocked the gunners as Birmingham won 2-1 to win the trophy for the 2nd time.

The end of the month saw the 2011 Formula One season get under way in Melbourne at the Australian Grand Prix. Reigning champion Sebastian Vettel (Germany) started the season with the perfect defence of his title after gaining pole position and then winning the race itself ahead of McLarens Lewis Hamilton. The first victory of what turned out to be another record breaking year for Sebastian and Red Bull. 

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