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Snow and ice causes havoc in the UK and Europe

By Hannah Masterson

Britain is on amber alert today as huge snowfall causes disruptions nationwide.

And things are set to get colder as the big freeze hits parts of the UK.

Britain is set to endure bitterly cold nights until Thursday and The Met Office has advised people to “be aware” of the dangers of the icy conditions as the big freeze turns Britain into an ice rink.

Over six inches of snow fell yesterday in Northern England and the Midlands, bringing travel chaos to many parts of Britain.

Over 100 vehicles were stranded on the M40. There were huge tailbacks on the M25 and hundreds of flights were cancelled as well as severe disruption to train and Tube services.

The snow then moved from the North and Midlands down to London and East Anglia. Between two and four inches of snow fell on London overnight, as the British capital became the latest European city to be hit.

Heathrow Airport, one of the world’s busiest international airports, cancelled about half of its flights today. However, some airports are back up and running as usual but with delays.

Reports said there was a risk of further small accumulations of snow in eastern parts of England on Monday morning, with patchy rain elsewhere.

Many European cities have been widely affected by this freezing weather.

Ukraine appears to be the worst affected so far, with Poland, Romania, Serbia and Belarus also suffering much more severe winter conditions than usual.

122 people have died in Ukraine due to the freezing temperatures since this cold spell started more than a week ago, additionally more than 1,500 people have been hospitalized.

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