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The importance of the British Monarchy

By Jake Tudge

The recent Diamond Jubilee celebrations have left many of us questioning whether there are still advantages in having a Monarchy.

Many also question what exactly the Monarchies role is in today’s society.

Queen Elizabeth II

HM Queen Elizabeth II acts as the figurehead for the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth as well as being an ambassador for our great nation and a monarch we can be proud of.

It is of great significance that our Queen is politically neutral and HRH has immense power to form and dissolve governments; this is significant as HRH has reigning power over the nation.

HM Queen Elizabeth II is the embodiment of the nation and is essential to ensure strong links with countries around the world.

As head of state HRH function is to lead the nation forward and without HRH we would struggle to maintain such established relationships. Surely without our Queen our position of being a world leader would diminish?

As well as representing the nation, HRH is Head of the Armed Forces, which means HRH is the only person who can declare war (with advice from Government first), and she is also Head of the Church of England, which means HRH appoints archbishops and bishops on the advice of the Prime Minister.

The recent Diamond Jubilee celebrations give a powerful reminder to all in our nation and the Commonwealth, that HM Queen Elizabeth II is as strong as ever and that the Monarchy will continue to move forward.

For a Monarch to have reigned for sixty years is a colossal achievement; HRH has seen many Prime Ministers and Presidents through their positions and will continue to advise the state on how to proceed.

People will continue to come to this country to see our Monarchy in action and the economic benefits of the Monarchy are vast; from robust foreign relationships, to increased tourism, HRH will continue to sustain benefits for our nation.

It is really of my personal belief, and many others, that the Monarchy is essential for the smooth running of the nation and a credit to the people they represent.

HM Queen Elizabeth II has volunteered the majority of her life to this nation and we should all be truly thankful.

The Monarchy itself appears to be moving in the correct direction; with the celebrations last year of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, we’ve seen youthful energy enter the Monarchy, which will no doubt bring new ideas.

So, don’t just feel patriotic and proud during Royal celebrations; wave your Union Flag anytime with real pride!

Let us know your views. Do you agree? Or is it time to move to a Republic?


  1. Mike says:

    Jake Tudge, are you an idiot? The monarchy does nothing for “our great nation”. They make us look outdated and horribly elitist. Republic!

  2. Alice says:

    Love the Queen. She has done an outstanding job for the country. Long live the queen!

  3. Chris says:

    It’s time these royalists took off their rose tinted spectacles. Born into ruling us went out of date centuries ago. If they wanted to move in the “correct direction” they would **** off.

  4. Tze says:

    Pretending the Queen still has power is laughable. The monarchy has no relevance in today’s society. There greatest skill is how they drain our taxes- they are sensational at that.

  5. Mark says:

    I agree with the writer. The Queen symbolises everything that is good about this island. Republicans are deluded.

    • Craig says:

      With respect, those who are deluded are the ones who think the monarchy gives a rats ass about them, despite spending their money on yachts and gold. Deluded am I?

  6. Ham says:

    Spot on Mr T. So much negativity in this country, why don’t we just celebrate the good without complaining for once.

  7. Andrew says:

    Need Prince Harry to rule and strut round the palace in a Nazi outfit. Wouldn’t be surprised if PP did that now!

  8. John says:

    FOR GOD SAKE! The monarchy does NOTHING yet we insist on paying them MILLIONS! When will this madness end. Utter stupidity to keep this royal family

  9. David says:

    Too many immigrants in this country as it is. Need to deport this group of foreigners. Greeks should welcome them back.

  10. Craig says:

    Yeah we totally need the monarchy, who else will drain our tax fund so profusely for faux grandeur? REPUBLIC

  11. Audrey says:

    such vitriol in the comments is amazing concerning one who is a sublime example to us all. Our Queen is good for Britain and good for us. Good job that the hateful comments concern a Queen and not a dictator! How awful to berate someone who will never argue her corner. Millions of Britains are happy to do that for her, quietly and dignified as the wonderful person we uphold. The bad language of the anti-monarchists speaks volumes. As for what the country pays her, do any of you think that we would be one iota better off if we didn’t support her? Of course we wouldn’t and our Royal Family have a right for their expenses to be paid. Sixty years and never a foot wrong, what an amazing woman. It is a very small minority who cannot see her worth, and that’s a blessing anyway. Would you really enjoy all the trivial functions she has to attend, walking around factories and all sorts of very mundane duties, which she just gets on with great grace when she must often be bored out of her mind. God has blessed her, that is obvious, and He will continue to do so. We are proud of her and we honour her. God save our gracious Queen.

  12. Mike says:

    this is all liesssss! LIEEESSS!

  13. John says:

    They cost the taxpayer 62 pence a year. Basically, you’re buying a Marsbar for the Queen.

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