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Brits! It’s time to quit the moaning and embrace the Olympics

By Natalie Clark

There are only three days to go until the world focuses its eyes on our fair capital, and as each day speeds by, the final sprint to finalise preparations seems to be stalked by an ever growing, darkening cloud. It engulfs everything in its path, continuously throwing down bucket after bucket, drenching any glimpse of hope, excitement or celebration. The London Olympics are upon us, and all that we have raining down on what should be high spirits and national pride is moans. That’s right; moans, grumbles, complaints, whines and criticisms.

Yes, the tube is going to be so crowded that you might as well take a dip in the Aquatics Centre for all the sweating you are going to be doing. Yes, the traffic in London is going to be a nightmare, you may get stuck in a jam, and those pesky Olympic Lanes (aka Zil Lanes, comparison to Soviet Communist limousine lanes is a bit much perhaps?) are not going to make getting across the capital much easier. Yes, the sun is probably not going to be shining down on the Olympic Park, and instead, umbrellas may be necessary whilst watching the field hockey.

There are going to be opportunities for things to go wrong. There may be queues on the roads. The tube may get delayed and someone may stand on your foot. An athlete may sleep in and a dancer in Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony may turn left rather than right. We may need to call more troops in, as there is a high risk that the rest of G4S employees decide that they’d rather watch the Games then guard them. Worst of all, it may rain. But do you know what. WHO CARES?!

The amount of pessimism that Britain has discharging in the run up to the Games has been frankly depressing. The constant stream of negativity is like a giant wet blanket, teetering on the brink of putting out the Olympic Torch, and for what? To say ‘I told you so” to your neighbour, husband, co-worker?

In less than a week, the Olympic Games are coming to our home turf and I predict, as a Londoner, that they are going to be fantastic. Amazing. Excellent. Beijing 2008 won’t know what hit them. 26 World Championships are going to be held in our great city, and we are going to show the world why they want to be living right here. The Royal Wedding and the Diamond Jubilee have only been tasters, appetizers, hors d’oeurves preceding the banquet that we are about to serve up. As everybody knows, nobody throws a party quite like the British and London 2012 is only going to prove that.

The Olympics brings together a celebration of the best. The crème de la crème will be gathered in a city that blends history and tradition with modernity and innovation, so from watching beach volleyball at the Horse Guards Parade, the equestrian in Greenwich Park to the marathon down The Mall, and not to mention everything inside the staggering Olympic Park, spectators will appreciate and enjoy the efforts in which that rather large budget has been spent.

For the most part of the population, this may be the only time that we see the Games on our soil. So let’s quit the moaning and starting the celebrating. We all know that as soon as the spectacle that is the Opening Ceremony begins, are groans are going to morph to cheers, so why not start earlier? It is time to let the Games begin, and let us Brits show the world how its done.

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