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A note to America: Who the world would vote for in the US elections

Dear America,

Here’s a little note from the rest of the world ahead of today’s elections.

Looking at the election from foreign shores, I don’t see how on Earth anyone could see Romney as a good candidate. Here is a man who couldn’t care less about the average American. He will simply help protect the rich and encourage the reckless financial practices which has brought us all to the current economic mess we find ourselves in.  He is absolutely clueless on foreign policy (and I mean CLUELESS, he makes Bush look like an expert in foreign diplomacy) and will probably walk America in to another hopeless war. And as for his views on abortion and gay rights- give me strength. Maybe the Mayans were right, maybe this is the end!

So look at what the world is telling you before voting today:

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. There is only one candidate.

Best wishes,

The world


  1. Alex says:

    Romney is an idiot. How millions of people are voting for him I have no idea. He is a warmongering, pompous **** and if Americans can’t see it then they really are the most stupid nation on this planet!!!

  2. Tyler says:

    Voted for Obama four years ago and I’m sure as hell going to be voting for him again! It’s like someone asking you to choose between having a cold or terminal cancer. It’s a no brainer! #Obama2k12

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