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Is Donald Trump’s twitter a parody?

By Simon Farnsworth and Alex Jones

Is Donald Trump’s twitter a parody? It’s a question we’ve all asked when any one of his gibberish tweets enters the twittersphere.

How can a man, who has over 1.8m followers on twitter and is reportedly worth $7bn, tweet like an uninformed, unintelligent, half-wit?

You may think I’m a little harsh but let’s look at his tweets over the election. I will let you into a little secret, they are ridiculously stupid.


It would appear that Mr. Trump never went to any history lessons at school. Am I the only one who was taught of America’s frequent brushes with danger? The Japanese seemed to pose some pretty serious trouble back in the 40s and I’m going to put my neck on the line and go as far as to say that Obama’s administration will not pose as much of a threat as the Japanese did. But what do I know? Also, America during the Great Depression faced “unprecedented  trouble.” I don’t think, even in the economic gloom of today, you can really state that America faces “unprecedented trouble.”

Tweet 2:

Ok, let’s look at this statement for a second. As far as I’m aware, everyone over the age of 18 (men, women and even rednecks) are allowed to vote. Seems pretty democratic to me. There is no vote rigging or any Putin like encroachment here. All pretty free. So, if America isn’t a democracy what is it? Let’s compare America to somewhere like North Korea who still believe that their previous leader, Kim Jong-il, bowled a perfect 300 the first time he went bowling and hit five hole-in ones in his first round of golf. This is something I’m sure even Donald Trump would be suspicious of. The people of North Korea are constantly monitored, not allowed to vote and all creativity is trampled on. They can barely afford food and probably have never even heard of twitter. If only Mr. Trump took a leaf out of the Pyongyang book and left twitter alone!

Tweet 3:

OK, now I’m not sure if he was just drunk by this stage or if he is just a genuinely unhinged individual. Anyone who calls for a revolution over a lost, fair election is quite frankly a mad man. Look at the Arab Spring- they had something to fight for. Over throwing tyrants and trying to put in place democratic practices is what a revolution is all about. There are millions, probably billions of people in the world that dream of living in a democratic society like the US. So no Mr. Trump please don’t try to incite a revolution like a spoilt billionaire. I will come to the “more votes equals a loss” later. Mr Trump likes to trump on about that point. Pardon the pun.

Tweet 4:

The world is laughing at you! AT YOU!

Tweet 5: 

For the love of God, who does this man think he is?! The majority of people voted for Obama, HE HAD THE POPULAR VOTE! Yes, it wasn’t by that much but after any close election in any country a nation is divided. But when America is divided, is asking people to march on Washington really the right way to go? Shouldn’t you try to bring everyone together? Surely, asking people to march on Washington and calling for a revolution is a criminal offence when you have the amount of followers he does? Or is that just wishful thinking?

Tweet 6

I don’t even know what to say any more. Obama won the popular vote. Revolting when democracy is working is even stupider then his ghastly accent.

Tweet 7 (this ones for all the grammar Nazis out there)

The loser one. That is all.

It must be said that Trump has since deleted these tweets but it should be remembered that we are all just seconds away from a Trump tweet. It’s a danger we must face together.

His transition from poster boy of successful business to just an embarrassing clown has been accelerated by his use of twitter. Whereas once he was seen as a titan of Republican ideology he has now just become an embarrassment to the party. His constant calls for Obama to release records to prove he is American has distanced many from Trump and the GOP.

His tweets on the night called for people to fight, revolt and march on the Capital. Call him Fidel Trump.

We must, however, take time to thank Mr. Trump for helping Obama win. Without his tweets it could have been a close affair.

Thanks Donald!

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