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Has Apple lost their Midas touch?

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By Dan Graham With the release of the “boring” iPhone 5, and the forthcoming anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs, there has been fevered speculation that this is the beginning of the end for Apple. There is nothing spectacularly innovative about the latest incarnation of the iPhone, and in truth there wasn’t anything truly […]

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Why isn’t Obama more popular in America?


By Dan Graham To the majority of the world, it seems ridiculous that the Presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney could be going down to the wire. With such charisma and charm, the Western world adores Mitt Romney. Of course I’m joking! It’s Barack the world loves, but why isn’t his global popularity mirrored in America? […]

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McEnroe, Agassi, Sampras…Isner?! What has gone wrong in American tennis?


By Dan Graham With the retirement of Andy Roddick, the last American man to win a Grand Slam way back in 2003, the question must be asked, how could a nation as historically dominant in tennis as the USA find themselves with so little talent on the courts? Looking at the ATP standings you can’t […]

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Under the shadow of rising race tensions and out of control crime,Trinidad & Tobago celebrate 50 years of independence

Trinidad and Tobago boy

Today marks 50 years of independence for the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago from the British Empire and while their former rulers indulge in an Olympic summer, the former colony has become a bubbling melting pot of racial tensions and home to a soaring drug industry. For it’s golden anniversary,  Dan Graham, reports on […]

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Meet The Writers


Click on the writers name to view their catalogue of work Simon Farnsworth: Editor of World News Today. Contact the editor on Linkedin. Naila Missous is currently studying at the University of Manchester. Naila covers the Middle East and Africa for WNT while also challenging commonly held views that Western culture hold over Muslims and Arab nations. Alex Jones is a freelance journalist […]

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