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Is this the best PR stunt of 2013?


By Simon Farnsworth WestJet Airlines have performed a Christmas miracle in more ways than one. Their “Christmas Miracle” PR stunt has been viewed over 19m times on YouTube – giving the low budget Canadian airline exposure that not even millions of dollars could buy. Social media has been alive with the #WestJetChristmas hashtag as even […]

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Football’s vast economic disparity has created an environment in which match fixing can flourish


By Simon Farnsworth Money. In all walks of life it has the devastating power to corrupt the morals and conscious of many. Footballers are no different. Today’s Telegraph investigation revealed how six people, including at least three current players, have been arrested by police investigating a betting syndicate involved in fixing football matches in England. The newspaper’s […]

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Europe’s top 5 cities for New Year’s Eve celebrations


Compiled by Simon Farnsworth With Christmas just around the corner you may have forgotten about that other big event that lurks even larger on your social calendar. That’s right, New Year’s Eve is fast approaching.  But what to do? Where to go? World News Today asked  local residents of five European cities why the place they call […]

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Mr Scandalous: A timeline of Silvio Berlusconi’s scandals

silvio berlusoni smug

By Simon Farnsworth Whoever said politics is dull has obviously never taken into account the exuberant Italian billionaire that is Silvio Berlusconi. The 77-year-old has survived more scandals than all the members of the English football team combined but his days as a political force in Italy now seem numbered. From bunga bunga parties to allegedly sleeping with underage […]

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Is it time for Roger Federer to retire?


By Simon Farnsworth With a record 17 Grand Slams to his name Roger Federer is one of the greatest players to ever grace a tennis court. But in today’s Golden Age of tennis the Swiss maestro has slipped to number five in the world and has been knocked out of his last three tournaments by […]

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How much does a Starbucks grande latte cost around the world?


By Simon Farnsworth It’s the same product the world over yet a Starbucks grande latte can set you back nearly $10 in Norway whilst, in comparison, it costs Indian caffeine hunters only $2.80. According to the  WSJ this disparity is down to some currencies being overvalued. See how your country ranks in our slideshow showing the price […]

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We’re on a break until April 30th #studentproblems


Hi all, This is a quick note to let you know that the site will be on a break until April 30th due to the Editor, Simon Farnsworth, and many of WNT’s writers being in the final stretches of their degrees so all have mountains of essays and a dissertation to get done and of course this […]

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Daily Mail’s coverage of the Big Fat Quiz of the Year further highlights their foul hypocrisy

MailOnline (1)

By Simon Farnsworth Is there anything more annoying than the Daily Mail shouting poison from atop the moral high ground? Whilst the majority of us can see the Mail for the scaremongering, devils rag that it is, the influence they have in manufacturing hate towards trivial things is truly terrifying. Earlier this week the Daily […]

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America’s gun culture must change

american flag

By Simon Farnsworth Like many people living outside the US, I find it impossible to comprehend not only their gun culture but also the nation’s inability to change their attitude towards gun control after a series of appalling tragedies. Blame it on the media, blame it on video games, blame it on mental health but don’t blame […]

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10 trailers to get excited about


By Simon Farnsworth Long ago, due to all the pointless sequels and idiotic reboots, we reported how creativity had seemingly dried up in Hollywood and how it’s younger sibling, TV, now ruled the roost. Fear not however as film is making a triumphant creative comeback. In the past few weeks we have had the excellent Seven Psychopaths and the fantastical first instalment of The […]

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