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Are Greek bailouts just postponing the inevitable?

Athens, Parthenon

By Dave Burridge So Greece has once again received a huge bailout package from the EU- this one totalling more than £110bn. But is this just delaying the inevitable default? Greece’s total debt currently stands at an enormous 160% of real GDP, a realistically unsustainable level. However, there is something that is different about this […]

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Do bankers deserve bonuses?


By Dave Burridge In a week where bankers bonuses have yet again come into question, we are posed with a question: are these bonuses justifiable? The majority of people hold the view that a lot of banks are owned by us, the taxpayer, and these banks were significantly responsible for creating the mess that we […]

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Facebook prepares to float on NYSE

By Dave Burridge In the coming few days Facebook is expected to float on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It is expected to raise around $5billion. Whilst more has been raised by other companies in the past, this is still one of the biggest flotations in history. Mark Zuckerburg currently has over 50% voting […]

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UK economy shrinks 0.2%

By David Burridge It has been announced that the UK economy shrank 0.2% in the fourth quarter of 2011. In the same way that last year ended with a negative outlook so it seems this one begins. It should however be remembered that a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative growth in output so that is […]

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Generation Defining Talks This Week Will Solve or End the Euro

By David Burridge This lunch time the German chancellor, Angela Merkel and the French president Nicolas Sarkozy (these days known together as Merkozy) are having a ‘working lunch’. This is a very loose phrase to describe a much more important meeting where the two European superpowers will try to form a vital allegiance. It will be an […]

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Italy’s Failure Set to Plunge the World Back into Recession

Today saw the rate of interest which the Italian government has to pay to lenders hit a record 7%. Many believe this to be the threshold at which borrowing becomes unsustainable. This was certainly the case for Portugal, Ireland and Greece. However, Italy is most definitely a different case to the aforementioned countries. Italy made […]

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