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Political Obituary of Silvio Berlusconi

People argue that some one with the wealth of David Cameron can’t understand the average working man. If this is true, then Berlusconi’s under standing is non-existent. Berlusconi is estimated to be the third richest man in Italy, hardly representative of the common Italian. So how did a man so different to the people sustain such political power and […]

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Another Day, Another Crisis: Italy in Turmoil

It may be small consolation to the Greek PM, but today’s main crisis doesn’t involve him. Today’s turn for crisis belongs to Italy. Silvio Berlusconi, the PM of Italy, has been a controversal figure in Italian politics for many years and it appears his days in office are severely numbered. Today, he effectively lost control of the lower house in Italy, the UK’s equivalent to the house of commons. This […]

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Greece Looks to Coalition Deal to Restore Political Stability

Greece has announced that a new coalition government shall be formed. This is despite the fact that the PM, George Papandreou, survived a vote of no-confidence.  He was under no obligation to pursue the formation of a coalition government but felt it was the best course of action for Greece. This coalition agreement raises two questions. What is the nature of the coalition? […]

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Round-Up of Today’s Major News

There have been multiple gun and bomb attacks in a northern town of Nigeria. An Islamist militant group called Boko Haram has claimed credit for this appalling offense. The death toll is believed to be 63. RBS and Natwest customers have been unable to access their online banking facilities due to maintenance work being preformed by RBS. However, RBS claim they have  a good understanding of the issue and […]

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G20 Has Limited Success

The G20 have met in Cannes in hope of providing strong leadership in the troubled times the world currently faces. The G20 is made up of the 20 most powerful nations in the world, including powerful developing nations such as Brazil and India. The leaders of the set countries spend a huge amount of time exercising their diplomatic muscles in the hope that an […]

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Greece Faces its Darkest Hour

As the night comes in Athens the rumours continue on the imminent departure of PM, George Papandreou. A combination of international and domestic pressures have put a huge amount of stress on the office of the PM. At home, members of the government are furious that he is risking Greece’s membership not just of the euro zone […]

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World Economy Rests in the Hands of the Upcoming Greek Referendum

The Prime Minister of Greece, George Papandreou, has today announced that he will hold a national referendum on whether or not Greece will accept the new EU bail out package. Although this isn’t a new trick for politicians, former British prime minister Harold Wilson did just that in 1975. The benefit for Greece’s Prime Minister is that he is isn’t responsible for the outcome of the vote, Greece’s population is as a whole. […]

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The Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral has Resigned

The dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, Rt Rev Graeme Knowles, has resigned following recent protest outside the cathedral. The anti-capitalist protesters have been camped outside St Paul’s for weeks now. The historic cathedral was forced to close for several days because of the protests. These protest are just a small reflection of the discontent around the world. Many cities […]

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Cameron Propose Three Point Plan to Revive the British Economy

In an article in today’s Financial Times David Cameron proposed a three-point plan to solve Britain’s economic problems. The three points he proposes are deficit reduction, increase competitiveness and increasing global trade. Cameron attributes the fact that Britain still has a triple AAA credit rating to the deficit reduction plan. He argues that the USA recently had its triple AAA rating reduced because it couldn’t install the […]

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Cameron Promises to Cut Aid to Countries That Ban Homosexuality

At a summit of Commonwealth leaders David Cameron threatened to withhold aid from countries that fail to acknowledge gay rights. 41 of the 54 Commonwealth nations have legislation banning homosexuality. However, most of this is yet another stain left upon the countries when they were part of the British empire. Malawi has already had £19 million of aid […]

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