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Is the EU summit set for success?

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By Jago Kosolosky Heads of state and governments of the European Union member states gather today (June 27th, 2013) and tomorrow in Brussels for a EU summit which is said to focus on economic policy. However, much more is at stake at the gathering that unfortunately might end with a whimper instead of a bang. […]

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Get inspired: Help fund ‘The Knock’


By Chloe McKay The South African born Greybe brothers are a film directing and producing duo based in London. Throughout their filmmaking partnership they have produced four independent short films each one growing in budget. Their first film, Boxing Day, was screened at Cannes and Edinburgh Film Festivals. Now the brothers have moved on, and […]

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“I want my news chosen on the principle of which events have greatest impact upon me”

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In a series of articles, Josh Wells and Matthew Hill debate what constitutes news. By Josh Wells After reading Matthew Hill’s latest instalment to our debate on what constitutes news my immediate response was to walk away from my keyboard recognising defeat when I saw it. However, prior to doing this I decided to cast […]

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TAKSIM EYEWITNESS: “This is Turkey taking its secular democracy back”


Cansu Colakoglu is one of many who have taken to streets of Turkey to protest against the AKP regime. This is her eyewitness account of events on May 31. __________________________________________________ Turkey is a secular republic founded in 1923. Since 1946 we have had a multi-party democracy. AKP (aka Justice and Development Party) is an Islamist […]

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Stanford Law School campaign for a “people’s terms of service”

computer keys

Matt Allison, of Connected Intelligence, blogs on Stanford Law School’s campaign for a “people’s terms of service”. NOTE: This post was originally published on Connected Intelligence. __________________________________________________ An article for Stanford Law School’s Centre for Internet and Society caught my eye recently, calling for a campaign to pressure Internet companies to put in place contracts which reflect the […]

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The story that has the most suffering should become the lead news item irrespective of geographical location

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In a series of articles, Josh Wells and Matthew Hill debate what constitutes news. By Matthew Hill Reading Josh Wells’ response to my article provoked me to rush to my keyboard. His response – which was entitled ‘A death toll is just a number; upsetting the status quo is what makes an event newsworthy’ – […]

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Taksim Terror


By Jago Kosolosky Since May 28 Turkish citizens have been protesting the demolition of Taksim Gezi Park. The Erdogan-run AKP government is planning to build a large shopping mall housed in replica Ottoman-era army barracks on the scene. The Gezi Park protests are quickly evolving into something much bigger and the genie seems to have […]

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First impressions of Queens of the Stone Age’s “…Like Clockwork”

like clockwork

By Matthew Hill American rock band Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA) have allowed eager fans to preview their sixth studio album for free on iTunes. “…Like Clockwork” will be released in the U.K. on June 3rd – and the following day in the U.S. – but for a limited time you can listen to […]

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A death toll is just a number; upsetting the status quo is what makes an event newsworthy

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By Josh Wells In response to Matthew Hill’s article on the American centric nature of news. If news was truly concerned with importance then it would be devoted to covering absolute poverty, nuclear disarmament and the environmental crisis. However, we do not except nor do we desire our news to operate in such a manner, […]

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What constitutes “news”? Musings on the American-centric nature of journalism


By Matthew Hill If you are to open a newspaper, switch on a television or radio news bulletin, or visit an online news website you may ask yourself: why is one story deemed more “important” than another? Who decides? And, what is their reasoning? Recently, media coverage of certain world events has certainly prompted me […]

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