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How much does a Starbucks grande latte cost around the world?


By Simon Farnsworth It’s the same product the world over yet a Starbucks grande latte can set you back nearly $10 in Norway whilst, in comparison, it costs Indian caffeine hunters only $2.80. According to the  WSJ this disparity is down to some currencies being overvalued. See how your country ranks in our slideshow showing the price […]

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Memoirs of a Uni Student: The Ten Things They Don’t Tell You Before You Go to University


By Danni Norman Where has this year gone? I feel like somebody’s hit the fast forward button on my life and I’m watching it run away without me. As the most incredible three years spent at uni draws to a close I’m feeling pretty nostalgic as I sit back and reflect on the crazy highs […]

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ICYMI: Charles Ramsey gives one of the best interviews you will ever see (Video & Memes)

charles ramsey.jpg11

Charles Ramsey, the man hailed as a hero for the role he played in helping Amanda Berry escape, gave one of the best interviews you will ever see (You can watch it in full below). It contained these fantastic quotes: McDonald’s responded with…

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LISTEN: Steven Soderbergh’s State of Cinema Talk

steven soderbergh

Here is the full recording of Steven Soderbergh’s keynote at the 56th San Francisco International Film Festival. It’s a must listen for any film lovers.

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Meet Amelia Andersdotter: the youngest member of the European Parliament who is tackling how we organize our digital society

Amelia Andersdotter

By Jago Kosolosky and Pieter Van Nuffel This interview was previously published online at Schamper (http://www.schamper.ugent.be/2013-online/in-de-sofa-met-amelia-andersdotter), the student magazine of Ghent University in Belgium. The interview was conducted in cooperation with Vermeylenfonds, a Flemish socio-cultural organization (http://www.vermeylenfonds.be/). ________________________________________________ Amelia Andersdotter (25), you are the youngest member of the European Parliament. What is the message you […]

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We’re on a break until April 30th #studentproblems


Hi all, This is a quick note to let you know that the site will be on a break until April 30th due to the Editor, Simon Farnsworth, and many of WNT’s writers being in the final stretches of their degrees so all have mountains of essays and a dissertation to get done and of course this […]

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Hitchcock biopic sadly underwhelms

hitchcock (12

By Jago Kosolosky  You probably have never heard of Sacha Gervasi, the director of Hitchcock. The most interesting thing that can be said about the man is the fact that he once was the drummer for the rockband, Bush. Besides The Terminal, a movie that was saved from oblivion by Tom Hanks, Gervasi’s record is […]

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What do American college students have to say about politics in their country?

us election explained

By Jago Kosolosky January 21 saw the inauguration of Barack Obama. For #4moreyears Barack Hussein Obama II will lead the United States of America. This made World News Today wonder: What do American youngsters have to say about the campaign and their president?  College students from all over the country, that studied in the political capital […]

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LIVE STREAM of London Collections: Men


Schedule: Lou Dalton, 7th January, 10am Lee Roach,7th January, 1pm Mr Start, 7th January, 4pm Martine Rose, 8th January, 2:30pm Christopher Raeburn, 9th January, 9am Shaun Samson, 9th January, 12pm Xander Zhou, 9th January, 5pm  

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Daily Mail’s coverage of the Big Fat Quiz of the Year further highlights their foul hypocrisy

MailOnline (1)

By Simon Farnsworth Is there anything more annoying than the Daily Mail shouting poison from atop the moral high ground? Whilst the majority of us can see the Mail for the scaremongering, devils rag that it is, the influence they have in manufacturing hate towards trivial things is truly terrifying. Earlier this week the Daily […]

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