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World Teachers’ Day comes at a critical time in South Africa

world teachers day

By Romeo Zwide, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa The image of a young pupil in eighth grade assaulting a teacher at Glenvista High School in Johannesburg is still strong in the mind of television viewers in South Africa. This awful event was soon followed by the shooting of a teacher by a pupil. It is also reported that […]

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Zulu Reed Festival helps combat the spread of HIV in South Africa


By Romeo Zwide, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa KwaZulu-Natal is one of nine provinces that form South Africa and according to the recently released 2011 census, the Zulu people are the majority in the province- this is why it is called KwaZulu.  It is the land of the Zulus. KwaZulu-Natal has been leading other provinces in South Africa […]

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Corruption rife in Togo presidential elections

Kofi Togo election

By Francois Sennesael, Lomé I spent the last month in Togo filming a short documentary with my colleague and friend, Aymeric Lafineur. During our time in the African state we observed their presidential elections in which Faure Gnassingbe was re-elected for his third straight term in office. We uncovered how outside the capital, Lomé, the election […]

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A detailed analysis of Togo ahead of this July’s presidential election

Togo poverty

Can the sparrowhawk take flight? With presidential elections set for this July, François Sennesael looks at the current president, the opposition’s forces, and the birth of the so-called UPO’s (Unidentified Political Objects) in Togo. Togo is undoubtedly one of the most underestimated and unknown countries on the African continent. And rightly so: stuck between Ghana and Benin with […]

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The UN failed the people of Goma in a shocking way

UN goma

By Simon Farnsworth Imagine for a second that you are a resident of Goma, a city in the far east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Imagine the fear surging through you as well armed rebel troops surrounded the city you call home. Now picture how that fear intensified as the M23 rebels began firing missiles into […]

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Media ignorance in times of war: Gaza, Syria and Goma


By Simon Farnsworth If you turned on any news channel today you could easily be forgiven by thinking only one intense battle raged in the world. As journalists flooded into Gaza to report the latest developments, events in Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo took a back seat in the world’s media. It highlighted a major issue […]

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Nigeria plane crash kills at least 150


By Simon Farnsworth At least  150 people have died after a passenger jet crashed into a busy suburb of Lagos, Nigeria. The Dana Air Boeing MD-83 crashed into a printing works and residential buildings in the Agege area of the capital before bursting into flames killing all 150 onboard. Government officials have stated that further casualties among residents […]

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Hosni Mubarak sentenced to life in prison


By Naila Missous Hosni Mubarak, who governed Egypt for 30 years before a popular uprising toppled him last year, has today been sentenced to life in prison for accessory to murder of protesters. Hundreds of police surrounded the court set up at the Police Academy on Cairo’s outskirts yesterday as protesters gathered outside holding up […]

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The dying art of beauty: Skin bleaching

skin whitening

By Naila Missous, Despite the unprecedented freedoms that decolonisation has brought many Black and non-white people – especially in specific regions of Africa and Asia– freedom and its fulfilment along with contested meanings remain a preoccupation within Black and Asian cultural discourses and practices. This can be seen in the rise in popularity of skin bleaching. At the […]

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State of Coups: A timeline of Guinea-Bissau

guinea bissau flag

By Alex Jones Guinea-Bissau is a volatile country. No government has survived a full term in office since they won independence from Portugal in 1974 and they are currently in the midst of yet another military coup. World News Today looks back at the African states tumultuous past: September. 10, 1974: Guinea-Bissau wins independence from Portugal following an 11 year liberation […]

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