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By Alex Jones BUDGET 2012: The coalition is under fire over the removal of tax allowances from pensioners. HRMC states this will lead to 4.4m pensioners being an average £83 a year worse off. TOULOUSE SHOOTINGS: The siege of a gunman’s apartment suspected of killing seven people in southern France is nearing its end according to the police. […]

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Defying the odds: Fabrice Muamba’s journey from war torn Congo to the Premier League


By Simon Farnsworth Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba fights for his life tonight in a North London hospital after collapsing on the pitch during this afternoon’s FA Cup quarter final against Tottenham Hotspur. Medics spent 10 minutes trying to revive the former England under-21 international after he collapsed in the 41st minute of the cup clash. The […]

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George Clooney arrested at Sudan embassy (VIDEO)

george clooney

By Simon Farnsworth  Actor George Clooney has been arrested outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington DC after refusing to leave the embassy grounds during a planed protest. The Hollywood A-Lister was taking part in a protest to warn of the current humanitarian crisis in the border region between Sudan and the newly formed South Sudan. Clooney was one […]

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New violence threatens Egypt’s fragile stability

By Naila Missous Egyptian football fans and politicians have vented their anger at the ruling army for failing to prevent one of the worst football riots to ever take place, leaving 74 people dead. It has been claimed to be the worst violence since Hosni Mubarak was ousted as president a year ago. It has raised fears that […]

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Feminism in the Middle East is not understood in the West

By Naila Missous It may appear a common assumption that all women residing in the Middle East are oppressed; and that their religion forces them to cover their bodies and sometimes faces. It is believed that Islam denies women an education and the right to work, and makes them subservient to men. It is certainly true that […]

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At least 140 dead in Nigerian bombings

By Simon Farnsworth Around 150 people have died in coordinated explosions in the Nigerian city of Kano. Islamist extremists Boko Haram have claimed responsibility for the attacks. The group said their actions were in retaliation to the government refusing to release members of their terrorist group. The explosions ripped through five police buildings, two immigration offices and the […]

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Ultimate review of 2011: November

By Naila Missous, Josh Wells, Dave Burridge, Vanessa Martinez, Cristian Meza, Matt Hill and Richard Smith   Politics and the economy The Greek PM threatened to put forward the idea of a referendum to the Greek people over an EU bailout. Much turbulence was experienced during this month with the Greek and Italian PM’s resigning from office. Debt fears continued […]

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Doubling of oil prices overnight sees general strike and protests rock Nigeria

By Naila Missous Hundreds of thousands have demonstrated throughout Nigeria over the past three days in an escalating general strike against the government of President Goodluck Jonathan. The strike is in opposition to the lifting of fuel subsidies declared on January 1, leading to the doubling of petrol prices overnight. Protests began immediately, with a […]

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Ultimate review of 2011: October

By Naila Missous, Josh Wells, Dave Burridge, Vanessa Martinez, Cristian Meza, Matt Hill and Richard Smith     Libya October 20 was one of the most important and momentous days in Libyan and Arab history: former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed in Sirte. Graphic photos and videos of Gaddafi circulated in the worlds media. The dictator’s death still leaves […]

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Ultimate review of 2011: September

By Naila Missous, Josh Wells, Dave Burridge, Vanessa Martinez, Cristian Meza, Matt Hill and Richard Smith   EconomyItaly’s bond rate began to rise as investors spotted the next country to have problems with high debt levels.The difference was Italy really mattered and a bankrupt Italy threatened the existence of the Eurozone. Markets worried further over Greek debt as some economists […]

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