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Can an Arab be funny? Can a Muslim tell a joke? Can an Iranian make you laugh?

By Naila Missous The tittle poses three very striking questions. The post 9/11 world in which North Africans, Middle Easterners and Muslims were enthralled into seemed to have scrubbed out any comedy and laughter that has always existed. Any positivity that existed within the region and conducted by its people was no more than an afterthought […]

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Magnitude 6.8 quake hits Japan

By Hannah Masterson A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 struck off the coast of Japan today, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported. The earthquake hit 468 kilometers (302 miles) south-southwest of Tokyo at a depth of 348 kilometers, according to the USGS. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. The Pacific […]

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33 killed as cyclone tears through eastern Indian coast

By Hannah Masterson 33 people were killed as lashing winds up to 135mph and heavy rain ripped through India’s south-eastern coastline yesterday as Cyclone Thane roared onshore. The storm uprooted trees, tore traffic signals from their posts and sent shards of glass and other debris whizzing through the air. Thane hit the states of Andhra […]

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Kim Jong-il, the North Korean leader has been confirmed dead

By Shelley Russell The controversial North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, has died aged 69. The leader suffered a fatal heart attack on Saturday at 08:30 local time. Kim Jong-il who is known as the ‘Dear Leader’ in his country had reportedly been suffering from ill health since a stroke in 2008. The nation has entered […]

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Subaru Unveil the Stunning BRZ

By Rob Sullivan For years we’ve been used to the line of exciting Subarus consisting basically of the Impreza, Legacy and Forester and perhaps only the Impreza can be classed as ‘exciting’. But there’s a new contender on the way: the BRZ. In fact, it’s the sister of the up-and-coming Toyata GT86 and visually this is […]

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Man Arrested for Forgery of Free Highway Pass in Disaster Zone

A man was arrested yesterday in Japan for forgery of a traffic certification issued to groups and volunteers working for the reconstruction of stricken areas in the Tohoku region, the badly damaged area caused by the fatal disaster in March. Hironobu Arai, 48, who runs a construction company in Osaka, admits his crime for illegally […]

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Obama Urges Cooperation from Asia

U.S President Barack Obama ended his trip to this weekend’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit by calling the Pacific region vital to economic growth. He mentioned in his Hawaii talk, where leaders of 18 other nations and representatives from two others were present, that they needed to concentrate on steps to increase trade, promote “green growth” […]

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Honda Unveil Breathtaking New Sports Cars

It’s been a busy time for Honda. They recently announced not just one but two new sports models that will be making their entrance into the world in the near future. The first was shown through these official sketches: The above is the imaginatively called (so far) ‘Small Sports Car EV Concept.’ It’s probably fair […]

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Devastated Fukushima Nuclear Plant Opens to the Press

It took eight months for journalists to finally get a chance to peek inside the premises of the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant. The press tour, which took place yesterday,  was the first one since the devastating earthquake and tsunami triggered the biggest nuclear accident on record in Japan. Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) aims […]

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Japan To Join TPP Talks

On the eighth month anniversary  of the devastating earthquake in March the Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihiko Noda, declared his intention to reform the Japanese economy by opening talks on the Pacific Rim free trade pact. Noda spoke during a press conference held at his office on Friday. He stated that Japan will be participating […]

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