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Is the UK economy back on track?

english money

By David Burridge,  Politicians are quick to point out that the economy is growing, commentators keep mentioning austerity and the word recession continues to stick around like a bad headache. But what does it all mean? With the announcement that the UK economy grew by 0.8% in the first quarter of 2014, the UK has […]

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Cuts of £11bn, spending of £100bn. Can we be spending more than we are saving in an age of austerity?

george osborne

By David Burridge  In the last two days the Government has announced both their spending plans for the financial year of 2015/16 and their plans for capital investment. Chancellor George Osborne has announced cuts of £11.5bn whilst also announcing £100bn worth of capital investment. The obvious question here is how, in a so called “age […]

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Spain denies needing money to bail out its banks


By Dave Burridge, Economic Editor Rumours have been rife today that Spain would ask for funds to bailout it’s flailing banking sector. Spain has, however, denied these claims but has not ruled out the possibility in the future. Spanish shares rose slightly upon the news. The rumours spread as Spanish banks are finding it incredibly […]

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New leaders see new problems for the EU


By Dave Burridge, Economics Editor This week has seen two very important elections held in France and Greece. Important, not only for the respective countries but for Europe as a whole because the policies these new leaders are pursuing on EU debt are not those of their predecessors’. France have voted in Socialist Francois Hollande as […]

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American economy looks on the rise but then you scratch beneath the surface


By David Burridge, Economics Editor So it has been a while since we’ve had a doomsday prophecy about the Eurozone, the budget wasn’t so bad after all and all has been quiet in America as their economy crawls it’s way to recovery. Things seem to be looking up, especially for Obama & Co, but are […]

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The Morning Briefing


By Alex Jones BUDGET 2012: The coalition is under fire over the removal of tax allowances from pensioners. HRMC states this will lead to 4.4m pensioners being an average £83 a year worse off. TOULOUSE SHOOTINGS: The siege of a gunman’s apartment suspected of killing seven people in southern France is nearing its end according to the police. […]

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2012 Budget Breakdown


By David Burridge, Economics Editor “Britain is going to earn it’s way in the world. There is no other road to recovery” declared chancellor George Osborne as he delivered the 2012 budget this afternoon. Osborne announced the threshold at which no tax has to be paid will rise to £9205 and the controversial top tax […]

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The hidden success of Occupy London


Matt Allison looks in to what Occupy London has taught us. This Tuesday saw Occupy London cleared largely without violence in the middle of the night. Eye reports suggest that resistance was at a minimum, with only 20 arrests made at the camp which has been stationed outside St Pauls Cathedral since October 15 . It appears […]

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Are Greek bailouts just postponing the inevitable?

Athens, Parthenon

By Dave Burridge So Greece has once again received a huge bailout package from the EU- this one totalling more than £110bn. But is this just delaying the inevitable default? Greece’s total debt currently stands at an enormous 160% of real GDP, a realistically unsustainable level. However, there is something that is different about this […]

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Do bankers deserve bonuses?


By Dave Burridge In a week where bankers bonuses have yet again come into question, we are posed with a question: are these bonuses justifiable? The majority of people hold the view that a lot of banks are owned by us, the taxpayer, and these banks were significantly responsible for creating the mess that we […]

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