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Clegg Slams Cameron’s EU Decision

Nick Clegg has this morning launched a scathing attack at PM David Cameron over his decision to veto changes to the EU treaty. Clegg said he was “bitterly disappointed by the outcome of last week’s summit, precisely because I think now there is a danger that the UK will be isolated and marginalised within the […]

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Euro Crisis: How to Stabalise the Euro

By Josh Wells Is the euro sustainable? This is the question that the world needs an answer to. The euro’s stability can be looked at in  three ways: political, institutional and economic. For the euro to be stable it has to achieve stability in all of the above. Political stability is concerned with the distribution of power […]

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Generation Defining Talks This Week Will Solve or End the Euro

By David Burridge This lunch time the German chancellor, Angela Merkel and the French president Nicolas Sarkozy (these days known together as Merkozy) are having a ‘working lunch’. This is a very loose phrase to describe a much more important meeting where the two European superpowers will try to form a vital allegiance. It will be an […]

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Chancellor Set to Announce £20bn Lifeline to UK Businesses

George Osborne is set to unveil a government plan to underwrite between £10bn and £20bn of loans to help small businesses. The announcement on Tuesday will come as part of the chancellor autumn statement on the economy. The government scheme titled ‘credit easing’ provides a guarantee to banks to borrow on stock markets. In return […]

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U.S. Occupy Movements Celebrate Thanksgiving

By Vanessa Martinez, California  From West Coast to East Coast, occupants celebrated Thanksgiving and boycotted Black Friday. In Wall Street, the occupation movement that began on September 17, 2011, celebrated Thanksgiving with an “open feast at Liberty Square,” according to their website. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, L.A. occupants ate a Thanksgiving meal which consisted […]

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UK Growth Forecasts Revised Down, Unemployment Hits 17 Year High

“The new UK growth forecasts look as grim as expected” said the BBC’s Stephanie Flanders after the latest growth figures were announced today. Not only has the bank revised it’s growth predictions for 2011 and 2012 down to just 1% for the UK economy but new data shows unemployment also rose yet again. Youth unemployment hit […]

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Protests and Strikes Occur in California in a State Wide Week of Action

College students, faculty and staff across the state of California protested on Tuesday in a state-wide student strike against tuition hikes. The strike was  sponsored by Students for Quality Education, and supported by Alternative Voices for Alternative Futures as well as the Student California Teacher’s Association. At California State Fullerton (CSUF), students of CSUF and […]

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Japan To Join TPP Talks

On the eighth month anniversary  of the devastating earthquake in March the Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihiko Noda, declared his intention to reform the Japanese economy by opening talks on the Pacific Rim free trade pact. Noda spoke during a press conference held at his office on Friday. He stated that Japan will be participating […]

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Italy’s Failure Set to Plunge the World Back into Recession

Today saw the rate of interest which the Italian government has to pay to lenders hit a record 7%. Many believe this to be the threshold at which borrowing becomes unsustainable. This was certainly the case for Portugal, Ireland and Greece. However, Italy is most definitely a different case to the aforementioned countries. Italy made […]

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Another Day, Another Crisis: Italy in Turmoil

It may be small consolation to the Greek PM, but today’s main crisis doesn’t involve him. Today’s turn for crisis belongs to Italy. Silvio Berlusconi, the PM of Italy, has been a controversal figure in Italian politics for many years and it appears his days in office are severely numbered. Today, he effectively lost control of the lower house in Italy, the UK’s equivalent to the house of commons. This […]

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