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10 must see films in 2014 (and two to stay well clear of)

By Molly Lyon, So, which films will become box office phenomenons in 2014? Will it be the latest romantic comedy starring Vince Vaughn? Or the fifth installment in yet another slasher horror series? Or maybe it will be the newest car chase movie starring some beefed up Hollywood actor? Okay, bad examples. But, sarcasm aside, these […]

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American Hustle: Hustling the Oscars?

american hustle bale cooper

By Molly Lyon There seems to be a film that comes around frequently with an all-star cast, filled with the promise of an amazing cinematic experience, but do they necessarily always work that way? The phenomenon of Hollywood “stars” is what sells the majority of films in this current climate. People with zero interest in […]

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FIRST LOOK: Idris Elba stars as Nelson Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom


And the Oscar for best actor in a leading role goes to… The first trailer of the eagerly anticipated Nelson Mandela biopic has arrived. Starring Idris Elba as Mandela, the film will reportedly cover the majority of Mandela’s life, from childhood to prison to his inauguration as President of South Africa

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Get inspired: Help fund ‘The Knock’


By Chloe McKay The South African born Greybe brothers are a film directing and producing duo based in London. Throughout their filmmaking partnership they have produced four independent short films each one growing in budget. Their first film, Boxing Day, was screened at Cannes and Edinburgh Film Festivals. Now the brothers have moved on, and […]

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LISTEN: Steven Soderbergh’s State of Cinema Talk

steven soderbergh

Here is the full recording of Steven Soderbergh’s keynote at the 56th San Francisco International Film Festival. It’s a must listen for any film lovers.

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Hitchcock biopic sadly underwhelms

hitchcock (12

By Jago Kosolosky  You probably have never heard of Sacha Gervasi, the director of Hitchcock. The most interesting thing that can be said about the man is the fact that he once was the drummer for the rockband, Bush. Besides The Terminal, a movie that was saved from oblivion by Tom Hanks, Gervasi’s record is […]

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10 trailers to get excited about


By Simon Farnsworth Long ago, due to all the pointless sequels and idiotic reboots, we reported how creativity had seemingly dried up in Hollywood and how it’s younger sibling, TV, now ruled the roost. Fear not however as film is making a triumphant creative comeback. In the past few weeks we have had the excellent Seven Psychopaths and the fantastical first instalment of The […]

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REVIEW: The Dark Knight Rises

photo (6)

By Max Lalanne, film critic It’s always difficult to figure out how to clearly categorize or define one of Chris Nolan’s films in his Batman trifecta, and none more so than “The Dark Knight Rises.” Nolan has always brought his auteur-ish artistry to his projects, even when we’re talking huge mega-blockbusters that everyone has been waiting […]

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The not so Amazing Spider-Man


By Max Lalanne, film critic I should probably say that going into “Amazing Spider-Man,” I was completely unfamiliar with the cinematic exploits of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy and whoever else resides in Spidey’s universe. Meaning, unlike a great majority, I haven’t seen Sam Raimi’s original trilogy starring Tobey Maguire, and therefore have no unfortunate […]

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Film is dead, long live TV

game of thrones

By Simon Farnsworth It’s an industry that prides itself on creativity. It’s supposed to inspire, thrill and stir the deepest emotions within the audience yet all the evidence in today’s industry points to the creative death of the film industry. When we look back upon this age of cinema, how will it be viewed? Will […]

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