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The story that has the most suffering should become the lead news item irrespective of geographical location

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In a series of articles, Josh Wells and Matthew Hill debate what constitutes news. By Matthew Hill Reading Josh Wells’ response to my article provoked me to rush to my keyboard. His response – which was entitled ‘A death toll is just a number; upsetting the status quo is what makes an event newsworthy’ – […]

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A death toll is just a number; upsetting the status quo is what makes an event newsworthy

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By Josh Wells In response to Matthew Hill’s article on the American centric nature of news. If news was truly concerned with importance then it would be devoted to covering absolute poverty, nuclear disarmament and the environmental crisis. However, we do not except nor do we desire our news to operate in such a manner, […]

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Daily Mail’s coverage of the Big Fat Quiz of the Year further highlights their foul hypocrisy

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By Simon Farnsworth Is there anything more annoying than the Daily Mail shouting poison from atop the moral high ground? Whilst the majority of us can see the Mail for the scaremongering, devils rag that it is, the influence they have in manufacturing hate towards trivial things is truly terrifying. Earlier this week the Daily […]

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Is this the worst ever Daily Mail article?


By Simon Farnworth Who says journalism is dead? Well, if you read today’s Daily Mail post on Liv Tyler and her son, Milo, then you would be hard pushed to find a pulse in the frail, frightful world of Daily Mail journalism. It features five images of the actress with her son in New York City […]

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15 of the strangest headlines in the world

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By Simon Farnsworth It’s true. Newspapers are dull. If they aren’t talking about death and despair they are telling you how you are moments away from death and despair! However, sometimes, just sometimes, they let their hair down and come out with some wonderfully obscure articles… before getting back to telling you about the terrible state of society […]

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