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America’s presence hinders Syrian peace talks

UN peace talks

By Alec Wheeler, The Syrian peace talks held in Geneva this week may lead you to believe that peace in the troubled state is but a pipe dream. The United Nations and neighboring countries affected by this ongoing conflict are using the talks to call for peace in Syria and for the region to return […]

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Rockstar named cultural ambassador to the Middle East

andrew wk

By Simon Farnsworth With tensions in the Middle East at a record high, the US Department of State looked to send an ambassador to the region to promote world peace. Did they send a respected foreign diplomat? Or someone high up in the political industry? No. They are sending this man, Andrew W.K. The ‘Party […]

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Media ignorance in times of war: Gaza, Syria and Goma


By Simon Farnsworth If you turned on any news channel today you could easily be forgiven by thinking only one intense battle raged in the world. As journalists flooded into Gaza to report the latest developments, events in Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo took a back seat in the world’s media. It highlighted a major issue […]

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Leading Iranian human right activist arrested

iran flag

By Naila Missous Human rights defender Narges Mohammadi was arrested over the weekend and transferred to Evin prison’s women’s ward. She has been issued with a six-year prison sentence. The press advocacy group said Mohammadi was and taken to Tehran’s notorious Evin prison, where many political dissidents continue to be held and where many are believed to have […]

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Up to 70 killed as Syrian ceasefire is shattered


By Alex Jones A massive explosion in the Syrian city of Hama has reportedly killed up to 70 people. Several houses in the Masha at-Tayyar district in southern Hama were destroyed by the explosion. The government and the opposition have both offered opposing accounts of events State controlled media have said that 16 people have died and the […]

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Protests rage as concerns grow over Bahrain F1 race


By Simon Farnsworth Anti-government protesters in Bahrain are promising “three days of rage” as the controversial Formula 1 race gets under way today with practice sessions. Last night saw government forces use tear gas and stun grenades in clashes with anti-government demonstrators in villages around the capital, Manama. Concerns over the safety of the F1 teams have […]

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21 killed in latest Homs attack


By Naila Missous Syria’s army have killed as many as 21 people including 18 in Homs today, according to Syrian activists. 18 of the deaths have been reported in Homs and at least 150 others have been injured as the Syrian army fired around 200 tank shells at the city in just under an hour. […]

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General assembly meets in Syria


By Naila Missous The United Nations General Assembly will vote today on a new resolution calling on Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to put a stop to deadly attacks on civilians. The resolution, drawn up by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and was given to member nations on Tuesday 14, also conveys support for the Arab League’s […]

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New violence threatens Egypt’s fragile stability

By Naila Missous Egyptian football fans and politicians have vented their anger at the ruling army for failing to prevent one of the worst football riots to ever take place, leaving 74 people dead. It has been claimed to be the worst violence since Hosni Mubarak was ousted as president a year ago. It has raised fears that […]

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Feminism in the Middle East is not understood in the West

By Naila Missous It may appear a common assumption that all women residing in the Middle East are oppressed; and that their religion forces them to cover their bodies and sometimes faces. It is believed that Islam denies women an education and the right to work, and makes them subservient to men. It is certainly true that […]

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