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Ultimate review of 2011: February

By Naila Missous, Josh Wells, Dave Burridge, Vanessa Martinez, Cristian Meza, Matt Hill and Richard Smith Uprisings February saw the Arab spring step up a gear as another Arab state seized the opportunity to rid themselves of the oppression they long lived under. The Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak finally resigned after 30 years in presidency on February 11. His resignation […]

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Ultimate review of 2011: January

By Naila Missous, Josh Wells, Dave Burridge, Vanessa Martinez, Cristian Meza, Matt Hill and Richard Smith 2011 was a highly dramatic year. From uprisings to near economic despair; 2011 had it all. WNT looks back at the highs and lows, starting at the very beginning. Uprisings  The Arab spring was the first major international political event in 2011. Though only in its […]

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Can an Arab be funny? Can a Muslim tell a joke? Can an Iranian make you laugh?

By Naila Missous The tittle poses three very striking questions. The post 9/11 world in which North Africans, Middle Easterners and Muslims were enthralled into seemed to have scrubbed out any comedy and laughter that has always existed. Any positivity that existed within the region and conducted by its people was no more than an afterthought […]

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The reality of women in the Middle East

By Naila Missous Women of the Middle East. Oh, those poor oppressed souls.  Forced to cover themselves from head to toe by their polygamous husbands who consider them like a commodity. Or are they? The issue of religion is somewhat governed by the Western media with regards to women. A clear remembrance of this fact […]

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Beauty in contrast: How beauty differs in the Arab and Western world

By Naila Missous “Beauty is imperfection. Imperfection is character. Character is individuality. Individuality is what you need to fall in Love. And someone you can fall in love with has the truest beauty of all.” When discussing the topic of beauty, there will always be a fraction of the discussion that relates to the inner […]

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Low Turnout at Egyptian Elections Hinders Rebuilding Process

By Naila Missous Parliamentary elections in Egypt  took place on the 28 November, 2011. These were the  first parliamentary elections to occur since the fall of former President Hosni Mubarak earlier this year. The parliament will be responsible for appointing the committee that will draft the country’s new constitution, which will pave the way to the presidential elections […]

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Syrian Uprising: Who? What? Where? When? Why?

By Naila Missous The Arab Spring is changing the political and strategic map of the Middle East in ways that will persist for decades to come. Over the past several months, Syrian officials have chosen to view the crisis from a solitary and short-sighted perspective. Even following months of daily demonstrations, heavy casualties and international […]

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