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U.S. Occupy Movements Celebrate Thanksgiving

By Vanessa Martinez, California  From West Coast to East Coast, occupants celebrated Thanksgiving and boycotted Black Friday. In Wall Street, the occupation movement that began on September 17, 2011, celebrated Thanksgiving with an “open feast at Liberty Square,” according to their website. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, L.A. occupants ate a Thanksgiving meal which consisted […]

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Sienna Miller is the Latest Celeb to Give Evidence at Leveson Inquiry

By Simon Farnsworth Actress Sienna Miller was the latest high profile name to give evidence into the phone hacking scandal. The 29-year-old spoke of how private information that she only told to four people was circulated in the national press. At one point Ms Miller gathered those four people together and “accused someone in that […]

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The Beautiful Tones of Sam Calver

My morning commute has been brightened recently by the music of a young singer song writer who has really captured my imagination. Sam Calver, 23 songs are beautifully written with captivating melodies all the while keeping me from drifting off on my early morning train journey . Originally from Bexhill in East Sussex, Sam has recently been signed to the management team Burr Media who […]

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Citroen Goes For Retro-Chic.

With vintage being such a trend these days, it was only a matter of time before it spilled over into car design. Citroen will shortly be jumping right on the bandwagon, although very little about the model itself is known yet. Retro design is not a ground-breaking idea in the car world: Morgan’s look like […]

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Protests and Strikes Occur in California in a State Wide Week of Action

College students, faculty and staff across the state of California protested on Tuesday in a state-wide student strike against tuition hikes. The strike was  sponsored by Students for Quality Education, and supported by Alternative Voices for Alternative Futures as well as the Student California Teacher’s Association. At California State Fullerton (CSUF), students of CSUF and […]

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Honda Unveil Breathtaking New Sports Cars

It’s been a busy time for Honda. They recently announced not just one but two new sports models that will be making their entrance into the world in the near future. The first was shown through these official sketches: The above is the imaginatively called (so far) ‘Small Sports Car EV Concept.’ It’s probably fair […]

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Teenager Alive Despite Being Stabbed Over 300 Times in Satanic Sex Game

An American teenager is in hospital after being stabbed over 300 times in a satanic sex game. Ruben Vati, 18, took the bus from his native Arizona to Milwaukee to meet a girl he had met online. However, things soon took a turn for the worst. Vati has told police that he was held hostage […]

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Political Obituary of Silvio Berlusconi

People argue that some one with the wealth of David Cameron can’t understand the average working man. If this is true, then Berlusconi’s under standing is non-existent. Berlusconi is estimated to be the third richest man in Italy, hardly representative of the common Italian. So how did a man so different to the people sustain such political power and […]

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Cigarettes to Get Plain Packets

A world-first law that will require plain packaging for cigarettes sold in Australia has passed the Senate. The legislation will require cigarette companies to remove all logos from their packaging. The action is hoped to make smoking less attractive for young people, in line with research conducted by the Australian Cancer Council. “Every time a […]

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Italy’s Failure Set to Plunge the World Back into Recession

Today saw the rate of interest which the Italian government has to pay to lenders hit a record 7%. Many believe this to be the threshold at which borrowing becomes unsustainable. This was certainly the case for Portugal, Ireland and Greece. However, Italy is most definitely a different case to the aforementioned countries. Italy made […]

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