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10 must see films in 2014 (and two to stay well clear of)

By Molly Lyon, So, which films will become box office phenomenons in 2014? Will it be the latest romantic comedy starring Vince Vaughn? Or the fifth installment in yet another slasher horror series? Or maybe it will be the newest car chase movie starring some beefed up Hollywood actor? Okay, bad examples. But, sarcasm aside, these […]

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Crimea Crisis: A detailed timeline of events

Crimea map timeline

By Gregor Bauer 21 February Due to the ongoing Euromaidan violence in Kiev, sections of the Crimean parliament called a meeting of their house in order to pass a resolution asking the Russian President Vladimir Putin for help against the protesters. Though non-parliamentary, Crimean Tatars prevent the discussion from taking place by threatening to occupy […]

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The Crimea Referendum is a matter of moral legitimacy


By Gregor Bauer, Do the citizens of Crimea not have the right to join the Russian Federation? Yes, of course they do. The Referendum showed a vast majority in favour of joining Russia. More than half of the Crimea’s citizens are ethnically Russian. And why should Kiev care? The productivity of the Crimea lies far beneath […]

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Tony Benn obituary: “A Champion of the People”

tony-benn obituary

By Alec Wheeler Tony Benn, a long serving and influential Labour MP, died last Friday at the age of 88. Benn was known for being one of the most prominent and most active members of the Labour Party as well as one of the furthest left leaning. In his later years, after being a government […]

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5 pointers Hillary Clinton can take from Al Gore’s presidential run to win in 2016

Hillary Clinton poll lead

By Alec Wheeler With a 60+ point lead on the next contender, Hillary Clinton is looking more and more likely to be the Democrat’s presidential nominee in 2016. In fact, the last contender who looked this assured of being nominated was Al Gore back in 2000. Now, if she wants to ensure that she becomes […]

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America’s presence hinders Syrian peace talks

UN peace talks

By Alec Wheeler, The Syrian peace talks held in Geneva this week may lead you to believe that peace in the troubled state is but a pipe dream. The United Nations and neighboring countries affected by this ongoing conflict are using the talks to call for peace in Syria and for the region to return […]

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American Hustle: Hustling the Oscars?

american hustle bale cooper

By Molly Lyon There seems to be a film that comes around frequently with an all-star cast, filled with the promise of an amazing cinematic experience, but do they necessarily always work that way? The phenomenon of Hollywood “stars” is what sells the majority of films in this current climate. People with zero interest in […]

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Can Nick Clegg become the next Prime Minister?

Europe: Back to the Drawing Board?: Nick Clegg

By Alec Wheeler When it comes to voting, most of us know that politicians, even with their smiles, sincerity and nice words, aren’t the people they claim or wish they were. A lot of the time, we end up either voting against someone or voting for the lesser of two evils, which was very much […]

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LET US KNOW: Should certain information be “classified”?

top secret

 By Matthew Hill Security of “top secret” information – or, perhaps, the lack of it – has been dominating the international headlines recently. First we had the WikiLeaks scandal, featuring Julian Assange – the Australian computer programmer who brought “classified” government information before the public; then came the furore over Edward Snowden, who released CIA […]

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“I want my news chosen on the principle of which events have greatest impact upon me”

tv news cameras

In a series of articles, Josh Wells and Matthew Hill debate what constitutes news. By Josh Wells After reading Matthew Hill’s latest instalment to our debate on what constitutes news my immediate response was to walk away from my keyboard recognising defeat when I saw it. However, prior to doing this I decided to cast […]

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