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The story that has the most suffering should become the lead news item irrespective of geographical location

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In a series of articles, Josh Wells and Matthew Hill debate what constitutes news. By Matthew Hill Reading Josh Wells’ response to my article provoked me to rush to my keyboard. His response – which was entitled ‘A death toll is just a number; upsetting the status quo is what makes an event newsworthy’ – […]

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A death toll is just a number; upsetting the status quo is what makes an event newsworthy

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By Josh Wells In response to Matthew Hill’s article on the American centric nature of news. If news was truly concerned with importance then it would be devoted to covering absolute poverty, nuclear disarmament and the environmental crisis. However, we do not except nor do we desire our news to operate in such a manner, […]

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What constitutes “news”? Musings on the American-centric nature of journalism


By Matthew Hill If you are to open a newspaper, switch on a television or radio news bulletin, or visit an online news website you may ask yourself: why is one story deemed more “important” than another? Who decides? And, what is their reasoning? Recently, media coverage of certain world events has certainly prompted me […]

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America’s gun culture must change

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By Simon Farnsworth Like many people living outside the US, I find it impossible to comprehend not only their gun culture but also the nation’s inability to change their attitude towards gun control after a series of appalling tragedies. Blame it on the media, blame it on video games, blame it on mental health but don’t blame […]

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Stop the witch hunt against the prank call radio hosts

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By Matt Watson Mel Greig and Michael Christian, the two radio show hosts who made the prank phone call to King Edward VII hospital to find out information on the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, should not be subjected to this horrendous witch hunt that the media is undertaking against them. The death of  nurse Jacintha Saldanha, […]

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My experience in the creepy world of Sugar Daddy dating


By Danni Norman This week, in the name of journalism, and perhaps out of boredom and curiosity, I joined Sugar Daddy UK to see why so many uni students are flocking to take part in this freaky phenomena. They say curiosity killed the cat but I am still alive and well to report back on […]

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The UN failed the people of Goma in a shocking way

UN goma

By Simon Farnsworth Imagine for a second that you are a resident of Goma, a city in the far east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Imagine the fear surging through you as well armed rebel troops surrounded the city you call home. Now picture how that fear intensified as the M23 rebels began firing missiles into […]

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Gaza conflict: “This is not a war. This is a terror attack by one of the most powerful military forces in the world.”


By Naila Missous On the first day of the ceasefire, Gaza and it’s residents fled to desperate and immediate mourning. The recent attack on Gaza has moved me furiously to write. During the last attack by Israel in 2009, the slaughter of hundreds of Gazans was plastered all over our television screens. Trapped in a […]

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Media ignorance in times of war: Gaza, Syria and Goma


By Simon Farnsworth If you turned on any news channel today you could easily be forgiven by thinking only one intense battle raged in the world. As journalists flooded into Gaza to report the latest developments, events in Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo took a back seat in the world’s media. It highlighted a major issue […]

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A note to America: Who the world would vote for in the US elections

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Dear America, Here’s a little note from the rest of the world ahead of today’s elections. Looking at the election from foreign shores, I don’t see how on Earth anyone could see Romney as a good candidate. Here is a man who couldn’t care less about the average American. He will simply help protect the […]

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