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Invisible poverty in America

dollar bill

By Jago Kosolosky, Washington D.C. Poverty in the US is something which I have to face on a daily basis whilst living in the capital of the land of the free and the home of the brave. What strikes me the most when walking around D.C is the stark contrast between the poor Eastern, mostly […]

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Lance Armstrong: The cheat, the fraud, the bully

lance a

By Simon Farnsworth “If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true.” It’s a phrase we use in all walks of life- from the salesmen that knock on your door too those pesky spam emails you receive but when it comes to sport we like to put […]

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Why isn’t Obama more popular in America?


By Dan Graham To the majority of the world, it seems ridiculous that the Presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney could be going down to the wire. With such charisma and charm, the Western world adores Mitt Romney. Of course I’m joking! It’s Barack the world loves, but why isn’t his global popularity mirrored in America? […]

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London 2012: The rise of the Muslim female athlete

saudi women

By Naila Missous In the final weeks preceding the Olympic Games in London, Saudi Arabia issued an announcement that made headlines around the globe: Saudi women would be allowed to participate in the games for the first time in the Kingdom’s history. Praising cautiously, the international community could not deny that the ruling could represent a […]

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Because he’s worth it? The booming male cosmetic industry


By Danni Norman I had a vivid nightmare last week, in which Brad Pitt was flourishing a mascara wand instead of wielding his customary sword. Just a bad dream? Actually, no. Type ‘make-up for men’ into an internet search and an array of amusingly serious video clips appear, with the aim of tutoring men in […]

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Brits! It’s time to quit the moaning and embrace the Olympics


By Natalie Clark There are only three days to go until the world focuses its eyes on our fair capital, and as each day speeds by, the final sprint to finalise preparations seems to be stalked by an ever growing, darkening cloud. It engulfs everything in its path, continuously throwing down bucket after bucket, drenching […]

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A solution to the unfair global distribution of pharmaceutical products


By Josh Wells This article is a presentation of an alternative system to the global distribution of pharmaceutical products with the intention of being able to effectively meet the needs of the third world, which the current system fails to do. Before presenting the alternative system it is necessary to have an understanding of the […]

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Obamacare is a miscarriage of justice; healthcare is not a right

anti obamacare

By Michael Caution, Columbus The US Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare as constitutional is a regrettable miscarriage of justice to supporters of freedom and individual liberty. At stake was whether or not the federal government has the power to force individuals to buy a private commodity, i.e., insurance. But more fundamentally, what was at stake […]

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Why Obamacare is good for America

obamacare pic

By J. N. Bruns When the healthcare debate reached its climax in 2009, I stood with the 51% of Americans who supported what was then-called the “public option.” The public insurance option was a proposed health insurance plan, similar to the health plan offered to federal employees, and could be offered by the federal government […]

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Film is dead, long live TV

game of thrones

By Simon Farnsworth It’s an industry that prides itself on creativity. It’s supposed to inspire, thrill and stir the deepest emotions within the audience yet all the evidence in today’s industry points to the creative death of the film industry. When we look back upon this age of cinema, how will it be viewed? Will […]

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