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The importance of the British Monarchy


By Jake Tudge The recent Diamond Jubilee celebrations have left many of us questioning whether there are still advantages in having a Monarchy. Many also question what exactly the Monarchies role is in today’s society. HM Queen Elizabeth II acts as the figurehead for the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth as well as being an ambassador […]

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The dying art of beauty: Skin bleaching

skin whitening

By Naila Missous, Despite the unprecedented freedoms that decolonisation has brought many Black and non-white people – especially in specific regions of Africa and Asia– freedom and its fulfilment along with contested meanings remain a preoccupation within Black and Asian cultural discourses and practices. This can be seen in the rise in popularity of skin bleaching. At the […]

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Work experience is vital for University students


 By Naila Missous “Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing in the hope that…” is the usual beginning to the mission that is unearthing any form of work experience. Sat in the one space you could find in the library, you think “I’m skint, summer seems but a distant memory and I still have these […]

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Should you take part in Lent even if you aren’t religious?

Can we partake in Lent if we are not religious?

By Natalie Clark So as everyone is pretty much aware, Lent is well and truly underway. Shrove Tuesday was happily indulged in, pancakes being tossed left right and centre, and I can certainly say that my household bulldozed through tubs of Nutella, syrup and a stupid amount of sugar. The conversation around the table, in between […]

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National Library Day raises importance of libraries in today’s society


By Ian Simpson A library is not just a repository for knowledge and information. As it has always been, it is a birthplace of wonder and wisdom. February 4 saw the first National Library Day (NLD) in the UK which in itself highlights just how relevant these places are today. They mean a lot to […]

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Feminism in the Middle East is not understood in the West

By Naila Missous It may appear a common assumption that all women residing in the Middle East are oppressed; and that their religion forces them to cover their bodies and sometimes faces. It is believed that Islam denies women an education and the right to work, and makes them subservient to men. It is certainly true that […]

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Misrepresentations of Islam; youth, media and culture

By Naila Missous It’s readily known that the West have projected unwanted and undeserved negative attention onto the religion of Islam in recent years. If the religion as a whole isn’t being blamed for every terrorist happening throughout the world, they also seem to steal the spot light in every news headline: especially within the […]

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The end of the road for the humble Christmas card?

By Mel Spencer Like so many of us desperate to recapture the magic of Christmas, I have made the ultimate festive investment: an Advent calendar. It’s surprising how much joy a misshapen chocolate hidden behind a cardboard door can bring to the breakfast table, so this morning, like every other morning this December, I rushed […]

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H&M’s ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ range – glamorising rape?

By Natalie Clark With the approaching release of the latest version of the worldwide phenomenon, ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,’ H&M have launched a collection inspired by the protagonist’s character, Lisbeth. The collection has been designed by none other than the film’s costume designer herself, Trish Summerville. Released in major retail stores, this Thursday, […]

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Objects of Desire, Objects of Capitalism

By Naila Missous Whether we know it or not, we access and judge people depending on the objects that they are surrounded by. People even purposely own an object because of the connotations that are attached to it; for example those who will shop at well known and expensive department stores and then keep the […]

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