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Corruption rife in Togo presidential elections

Kofi Togo election

By Francois Sennesael, Lomé I spent the last month in Togo filming a short documentary with my colleague and friend, Aymeric Lafineur. During our time in the African state we observed their presidential elections in which Faure Gnassingbe was re-elected for his third straight term in office. We uncovered how outside the capital, Lomé, the election […]

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LET US KNOW: Should certain information be “classified”?

top secret

 By Matthew Hill Security of “top secret” information – or, perhaps, the lack of it – has been dominating the international headlines recently. First we had the WikiLeaks scandal, featuring Julian Assange – the Australian computer programmer who brought “classified” government information before the public; then came the furore over Edward Snowden, who released CIA […]

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A detailed analysis of Togo ahead of this July’s presidential election

Togo poverty

Can the sparrowhawk take flight? With presidential elections set for this July, François Sennesael looks at the current president, the opposition’s forces, and the birth of the so-called UPO’s (Unidentified Political Objects) in Togo. Togo is undoubtedly one of the most underestimated and unknown countries on the African continent. And rightly so: stuck between Ghana and Benin with […]

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Is the EU summit set for success?

eu flag

By Jago Kosolosky Heads of state and governments of the European Union member states gather today (June 27th, 2013) and tomorrow in Brussels for a EU summit which is said to focus on economic policy. However, much more is at stake at the gathering that unfortunately might end with a whimper instead of a bang. […]

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Meet Amelia Andersdotter: the youngest member of the European Parliament who is tackling how we organize our digital society

Amelia Andersdotter

By Jago Kosolosky and Pieter Van Nuffel This interview was previously published online at Schamper (http://www.schamper.ugent.be/2013-online/in-de-sofa-met-amelia-andersdotter), the student magazine of Ghent University in Belgium. The interview was conducted in cooperation with Vermeylenfonds, a Flemish socio-cultural organization (http://www.vermeylenfonds.be/). ________________________________________________ Amelia Andersdotter (25), you are the youngest member of the European Parliament. What is the message you […]

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What do American college students have to say about politics in their country?

us election explained

By Jago Kosolosky January 21 saw the inauguration of Barack Obama. For #4moreyears Barack Hussein Obama II will lead the United States of America. This made World News Today wonder: What do American youngsters have to say about the campaign and their president?  College students from all over the country, that studied in the political capital […]

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Is Donald Trump’s twitter a parody?

trump pic

By Simon Farnsworth and Alex Jones Is Donald Trump’s twitter a parody? It’s a question we’ve all asked when any one of his gibberish tweets enters the twittersphere. How can a man, who has over 1.8m followers on twitter and is reportedly worth $7bn, tweet like an uninformed, unintelligent, half-wit? You may think I’m a […]

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What’s next for Obama and America?

4 more years

World News Today reporter Jago Kosolosky, in Washington D.C., looks at what we can expect from Barack Obama’s second term as President of the United States of America. Two in a row Let it be clear that Obama’s re-election will have effects both inside and outside of the country. Internally, especially in equality, a more progressive […]

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The US Election explained

us election explained

By Simon Farnsworth Here’s the US Election system explained: Voters don’t vote directly for the President, they pick electors in an Electoral College. There is a total of 538 Electoral College votes amongst the 50 states. To be elected, a Presidential candidate must win 270 or more of the Electoral College votes. A tie favours […]

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A note to America: Who the world would vote for in the US elections

obama romney

Dear America, Here’s a little note from the rest of the world ahead of today’s elections. Looking at the election from foreign shores, I don’t see how on Earth anyone could see Romney as a good candidate. Here is a man who couldn’t care less about the average American. He will simply help protect the […]

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