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Crimea Crisis: A detailed timeline of events

Crimea map timeline

By Gregor Bauer 21 February Due to the ongoing Euromaidan violence in Kiev, sections of the Crimean parliament called a meeting of their house in order to pass a resolution asking the Russian President Vladimir Putin for help against the protesters. Though non-parliamentary, Crimean Tatars prevent the discussion from taking place by threatening to occupy […]

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The Crimea Referendum is a matter of moral legitimacy


By Gregor Bauer, Do the citizens of Crimea not have the right to join the Russian Federation? Yes, of course they do. The Referendum showed a vast majority in favour of joining Russia. More than half of the Crimea’s citizens are ethnically Russian. And why should Kiev care? The productivity of the Crimea lies far beneath […]

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14 photos of life behind the Euromaidan barricades

Maidan soldier drawing

World News Today contributor, Gregor Bauer, shares photos of life in Independence Square, Kiev from earlier this week before violence erupted. 1- A Maidan soldier, there to protect the protesters, plays piano for a kid. 2- A Maidan soldier draws during the quiet before the storm. 3- Pagan prayers in Maidan Square. 4- According to Yanukovych- a dangerous terrorist. […]

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Euromaidan violence: Government violence cannot be explained as self-defence or re-establishing order

Maidan-soldiers in front of a barricade

By Gregor Bauer Hanna, a student from Kiev, laughs: “In western countries armed protesters would be totally wrong but when those who rule the country are criminals, when they beat unarmed people unconscious or to death, you have to defend yourself.” This is a view shared by many in Independence Square, Kiev. A student, who […]

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America’s presence hinders Syrian peace talks

UN peace talks

By Alec Wheeler, The Syrian peace talks held in Geneva this week may lead you to believe that peace in the troubled state is but a pipe dream. The United Nations and neighboring countries affected by this ongoing conflict are using the talks to call for peace in Syria and for the region to return […]

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Understanding Ukraine: A detailed timeline of the Euromaidan protests

Euromaidan protest kiev

By Natalie Gryvnyak, Kiev 21 November 2013 Euromaidan has started. 2,000 protesters gathered in Kiev’s main square, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, after news broke that the government were hesitating over the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU. 24 November Massive demonstrations were held in Kiev’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti to support the Agreement signing. 25 November Former […]

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“As an ordinary student in Kiev, I cannot keep calm. We seek justice, common sense and democracy”

Euromaiden protest

By Mariia, Kiev  * As an ordinary student in Kiev, I just can’t keep calm. Many words have already been said about the current situation in Ukraine but unfortunately after two months of unrest, nothing has improved. The unrest we are witnessing started on November 21, 2013 when the government of Ukraine decided to suspend […]

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TAKSIM EYEWITNESS: “This is Turkey taking its secular democracy back”


Cansu Colakoglu is one of many who have taken to streets of Turkey to protest against the AKP regime. This is her eyewitness account of events on May 31. __________________________________________________ Turkey is a secular republic founded in 1923. Since 1946 we have had a multi-party democracy. AKP (aka Justice and Development Party) is an Islamist […]

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Taksim Terror


By Jago Kosolosky Since May 28 Turkish citizens have been protesting the demolition of Taksim Gezi Park. The Erdogan-run AKP government is planning to build a large shopping mall housed in replica Ottoman-era army barracks on the scene. The Gezi Park protests are quickly evolving into something much bigger and the genie seems to have […]

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Hosni Mubarak sentenced to life in prison


By Naila Missous Hosni Mubarak, who governed Egypt for 30 years before a popular uprising toppled him last year, has today been sentenced to life in prison for accessory to murder of protesters. Hundreds of police surrounded the court set up at the Police Academy on Cairo’s outskirts yesterday as protesters gathered outside holding up […]

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