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America’s presence hinders Syrian peace talks

UN peace talks

By Alec Wheeler, The Syrian peace talks held in Geneva this week may lead you to believe that peace in the troubled state is but a pipe dream. The United Nations and neighboring countries affected by this ongoing conflict are using the talks to call for peace in Syria and for the region to return […]

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The tolerated atheist


Religion in the US It should surprise no one that religion across the Atlantic isn’t quite the same in comparison with Europe. Being confronted with it as an exchange student in Washington, D.C. is nothing but eye opening… My name is Jago Kosolosky and I am an atheist. I uphold the doctrine that our life […]

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Harold Camping and his six Apocalypse predictions


By Matt Watson Now I don’t want to say I’m an expert but I have survived many an apocalypse. In fact in my 21 years on this Earth I have survived over 50 of them. From The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn to The Amazing Criswell I have survived all of their mad predictions. […]

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The hidden success of Occupy London


Matt Allison looks in to what Occupy London has taught us. This Tuesday saw Occupy London cleared largely without violence in the middle of the night. Eye reports suggest that resistance was at a minimum, with only 20 arrests made at the camp which has been stationed outside St Pauls Cathedral since October 15 . It appears […]

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Should you take part in Lent even if you aren’t religious?

Can we partake in Lent if we are not religious?

By Natalie Clark So as everyone is pretty much aware, Lent is well and truly underway. Shrove Tuesday was happily indulged in, pancakes being tossed left right and centre, and I can certainly say that my household bulldozed through tubs of Nutella, syrup and a stupid amount of sugar. The conversation around the table, in between […]

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Feminism in the Middle East is not understood in the West

By Naila Missous It may appear a common assumption that all women residing in the Middle East are oppressed; and that their religion forces them to cover their bodies and sometimes faces. It is believed that Islam denies women an education and the right to work, and makes them subservient to men. It is certainly true that […]

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Misrepresentations of Islam; youth, media and culture

By Naila Missous It’s readily known that the West have projected unwanted and undeserved negative attention onto the religion of Islam in recent years. If the religion as a whole isn’t being blamed for every terrorist happening throughout the world, they also seem to steal the spot light in every news headline: especially within the […]

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Ultimate review of 2011: July

By Naila Missous, Josh Wells, Dave Burridge, Vanessa Martinez, Cristian Meza, Matt Hill and Richard Smith   Norway attacks July 22 saw the horrific attacks of Anders Behring Breivik in Oslo and on the island of Utøya . Breivik exploded a car bomb in the the executive government quarter in Oslo. The explosion killed eight people and injured 10. Breivik then travelled to Utøya […]

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Ultimate review of 2011: June

By Naila Missous, Josh Wells, Dave Burridge, Vanessa Martinez, Cristian Meza, Matt Hill and Richard Smith     Middle East Once again, the world saw uproar throughout the Middle East as both Syria and Yemen took centre stage. Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh is taken to a Saudi Arabia for hospital for treatment after an attack on the presidential home. Whilst […]

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Can an Arab be funny? Can a Muslim tell a joke? Can an Iranian make you laugh?

By Naila Missous The tittle poses three very striking questions. The post 9/11 world in which North Africans, Middle Easterners and Muslims were enthralled into seemed to have scrubbed out any comedy and laughter that has always existed. Any positivity that existed within the region and conducted by its people was no more than an afterthought […]

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