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Stanford Law School campaign for a “people’s terms of service”

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Matt Allison, of Connected Intelligence, blogs on Stanford Law School’s campaign for a “people’s terms of service”. NOTE: This post was originally published on Connected Intelligence. __________________________________________________ An article for Stanford Law School’s Centre for Internet and Society caught my eye recently, calling for a campaign to pressure Internet companies to put in place contracts which reflect the […]

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Has Apple lost their Midas touch?

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By Dan Graham With the release of the “boring” iPhone 5, and the forthcoming anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs, there has been fevered speculation that this is the beginning of the end for Apple. There is nothing spectacularly innovative about the latest incarnation of the iPhone, and in truth there wasn’t anything truly […]

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From Boy Scout to NASA Astronaut, Neil Armstrong proved that anything is possible


By Jake Tudge, Aviation and Space Correspondent  “This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” These words will be engraved in the memory of every school child from the space race era and indeed all the children of the future. For Neil Armstrong did not achieve something to be remembered in […]

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iPad 3 set to be unveiled?


By Lucy Farnsworth Apple’s latest iPad is rumoured to make its first public appearance on March 7 in San Francisco; the first big product unveiling since the passing of Steve Jobs. The eagerly anticipated invitations have been received by the chosen few and display the tantalizing message; “We have something you really have to see. […]

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Citroen Goes For Retro-Chic.

With vintage being such a trend these days, it was only a matter of time before it spilled over into car design. Citroen will shortly be jumping right on the bandwagon, although very little about the model itself is known yet. Retro design is not a ground-breaking idea in the car world: Morgan’s look like […]

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Bye Bye to Best Buy as The American Retail Giant Fails In The UK

Electronic retail giant Best Buy announced the closing of all of its 11 stores in the UK. Best Buy failed to mirror the success they have in the US making a loss of £46.7million in the past year. It failed to take any market share from its competitors such as Comet and the online threat […]

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Angry Birds Flies Beyond 500 Million Downloads

Rovio have recently announced that gaming sensation, Angry Birds has flown past half a billion downloads. Mikael Hed, the chief executive at Rovio, claimed that it’s the most downloaded game in the history of gaming. The franchise that Angry Birds has produced has made Rovio well over $70 million since its first release on the […]

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GTA V – Official Trailer Released

A ‘glimpse’ of the fifth Grand Theft Auto has been brought to us by Rockstar games today. And from a 1 minute 25 second trailer there’s a hell of a lot to gain from it. With the ongoing debate over the last couple of years of where the new game will be set it has […]

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