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Is the UK economy back on track?

english money

By David Burridge,  Politicians are quick to point out that the economy is growing, commentators keep mentioning austerity and the word recession continues to stick around like a bad headache. But what does it all mean? With the announcement that the UK economy grew by 0.8% in the first quarter of 2014, the UK has […]

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Tony Benn obituary: “A Champion of the People”

tony-benn obituary

By Alec Wheeler Tony Benn, a long serving and influential Labour MP, died last Friday at the age of 88. Benn was known for being one of the most prominent and most active members of the Labour Party as well as one of the furthest left leaning. In his later years, after being a government […]

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Can Nick Clegg become the next Prime Minister?

Europe: Back to the Drawing Board?: Nick Clegg

By Alec Wheeler When it comes to voting, most of us know that politicians, even with their smiles, sincerity and nice words, aren’t the people they claim or wish they were. A lot of the time, we end up either voting against someone or voting for the lesser of two evils, which was very much […]

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‘How to fix the English cricket team’ – by an Aussie

future of england cricket team

By Alex Jones It’s true, as an Aussie there is nothing better in sport than beating the poms in the Ashes. Nothing. Not Cathy Freeman’s gold in Sydney. Not even the Wallabies lifting the World Cup. There is simply nothing better than an Ashes victory and this winters ‘pomwash’ was a roaring success as the […]

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Ed Miliband has grown into a man who looks, acts and feels like a Prime Minister in waiting


By Jack Jevons  Labour leader Ed Miliband began his shift from leader of the opposition to his dreams of future Prime Minister with a visit to Warrington on Friday with promises to the town’s people. Soon after what had been acclaimed an “impressive” party conference, in which Labour reaffirmed its supporting policies for the most […]

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Cuts of £11bn, spending of £100bn. Can we be spending more than we are saving in an age of austerity?

george osborne

By David Burridge  In the last two days the Government has announced both their spending plans for the financial year of 2015/16 and their plans for capital investment. Chancellor George Osborne has announced cuts of £11.5bn whilst also announcing £100bn worth of capital investment. The obvious question here is how, in a so called “age […]

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Daily Mail’s coverage of the Big Fat Quiz of the Year further highlights their foul hypocrisy

MailOnline (1)

By Simon Farnsworth Is there anything more annoying than the Daily Mail shouting poison from atop the moral high ground? Whilst the majority of us can see the Mail for the scaremongering, devils rag that it is, the influence they have in manufacturing hate towards trivial things is truly terrifying. Earlier this week the Daily […]

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Stella McCartney reigns supreme at British Fashion Awards


By Danni Norman November 27th saw the most influential names in British fashion descend in their voguish multitudes upon the Savoy Hotel, in order to celebrate the success and development of British fashion at the British Fashion Awards 2012. Hosted by the stunning Gemma Arterton and radio DJ Nick Grimshaw, the star-studded event was the […]

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Architect Zaha Hadid becomes a dame


By Naila Missous  Zaha Hadid has been awarded the prestigious title of Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) for her services to architecture in the Queen’s birthday honours which were announced back in June 2012. The 62-year-old Iraqi born architect, who was responsible for the design of the Aquatics Centre in the […]

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Tortured by Nazis, 68 years later Noor Inayat Khan becomes first Muslim to receive a statue in the UK


By Naila Missous On September 13 1944, brutally tortured by Nazis lay a British spy known to most as Nora Baker. Her name was in fact Noor Inayat Khan: an Indian Muslim and first female radio operator to infiltrate occupied Paris.  She was sent into France by Winston Churchill’s secret Special Operations Executive, but was […]

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