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Invisible poverty in America

dollar bill

By Jago Kosolosky, Washington D.C. Poverty in the US is something which I have to face on a daily basis whilst living in the capital of the land of the free and the home of the brave. What strikes me the most when walking around D.C is the stark contrast between the poor Eastern, mostly […]

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Why isn’t Obama more popular in America?


By Dan Graham To the majority of the world, it seems ridiculous that the Presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney could be going down to the wire. With such charisma and charm, the Western world adores Mitt Romney. Of course I’m joking! It’s Barack the world loves, but why isn’t his global popularity mirrored in America? […]

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McEnroe, Agassi, Sampras…Isner?! What has gone wrong in American tennis?


By Dan Graham With the retirement of Andy Roddick, the last American man to win a Grand Slam way back in 2003, the question must be asked, how could a nation as historically dominant in tennis as the USA find themselves with so little talent on the courts? Looking at the ATP standings you can’t […]

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From Boy Scout to NASA Astronaut, Neil Armstrong proved that anything is possible


By Jake Tudge, Aviation and Space Correspondent  “This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” These words will be engraved in the memory of every school child from the space race era and indeed all the children of the future. For Neil Armstrong did not achieve something to be remembered in […]

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Eyewitness videos of the Batman shooting in Denver


By Simon Farnsworth At least 12 people have died and a further 50 injured after a masked gunman opened fire at a midnight screening of the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ in Denver, Colorado. Police have arrested  James Holmes, a 24-year-old man from Aurora, Colorado, in connection with the shootings. Below are eye witness interviews and mobile phone footage of […]

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Obamacare is a miscarriage of justice; healthcare is not a right

anti obamacare

By Michael Caution, Columbus The US Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare as constitutional is a regrettable miscarriage of justice to supporters of freedom and individual liberty. At stake was whether or not the federal government has the power to force individuals to buy a private commodity, i.e., insurance. But more fundamentally, what was at stake […]

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Why Obamacare is good for America

obamacare pic

By J. N. Bruns When the healthcare debate reached its climax in 2009, I stood with the 51% of Americans who supported what was then-called the “public option.” The public insurance option was a proposed health insurance plan, similar to the health plan offered to federal employees, and could be offered by the federal government […]

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The dying art of beauty: Skin bleaching

skin whitening

By Naila Missous, Despite the unprecedented freedoms that decolonisation has brought many Black and non-white people – especially in specific regions of Africa and Asia– freedom and its fulfilment along with contested meanings remain a preoccupation within Black and Asian cultural discourses and practices. This can be seen in the rise in popularity of skin bleaching. At the […]

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Shuttle Discovery marks retirement with special flight over Washington (VIDEO)


By Jake Tudge, Aviation and Space correspondent One of the final three Space Shuttle Orbiters made its last journey today. The Discovery Orbiter performed a unique flypast over the centre of the capital on route to its ultimate resting place at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington. You can watch a […]

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Fans ejected from NFL games must pass four hour test before returning

nfl stadium

By Eliott Howes The next time an American Football fan is kicked out of an NFL stadium for misconduct they will have to take a four-hour online class and pass a code-of-conduct test before being allowed back into an NFL stadium. These are the measures which have been introduced by the NFL for the upcoming […]

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