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Number of Potential Phone Hacking Victims Nears 6,000

The Metropolitan police has confirmed that over 5,800 people may have been victims of phone hacking by the now defunct News of the World. The new evidence came to light after investigators trawled through more than 11,000 pages of notes seized from Glenn Mulcaire’s home. Mulcaire, the private detective at the heart of the investigation, […]

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Monkeys Working in Japanese Restaurant (Video)

A restaurant in Japan has changed the face of its waiting staff by employing two monkeys. The monkeys named Yat-chan and Fuku-chan bring hot towels and drinks to the customers at The Kayabukiya Tavern, just north of Tokyo. The customers are encouraged to give the monkeys soya beans as tips The Japanese macaque monkeys are […]

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World Economy Rests in the Hands of the Upcoming Greek Referendum

The Prime Minister of Greece, George Papandreou, has today announced that he will hold a national referendum on whether or not Greece will accept the new EU bail out package. Although this isn’t a new trick for politicians, former British prime minister Harold Wilson did just that in 1975. The benefit for Greece’s Prime Minister is that he is isn’t responsible for the outcome of the vote, Greece’s population is as a whole. […]

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100,000 Join Imran Khan in Protests Over Pakistan’s Relationship With USA

100,000 marched with former cricketer, Imran Khan, in protest over the Pakistani government’s relationship with the US. Khan has been especially vocal in recent months over US drones killing suspected militants in believed Taliban strong holds. It is argued that the drones kill innocent people as well as Taliban fighters. A recent poll has shown […]

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Explosion Forces Closure of Yemen Airport

Yemen have been forced to close its international airport in the capital, Sanaa after a number of explosions. Several blasts were heard in an air force base close to the international air port. This forced the closure of the international airport. Sanna has been a hot bed of unrest since protests began in Yemen to […]

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Cameron Promises to Cut Aid to Countries That Ban Homosexuality

At a summit of Commonwealth leaders David Cameron threatened to withhold aid from countries that fail to acknowledge gay rights. 41 of the 54 Commonwealth nations have legislation banning homosexuality. However, most of this is yet another stain left upon the countries when they were part of the British empire. Malawi has already had £19 million of aid […]

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Deadly Mine Blast Kills 29

29 miners have been killed in an explosion in a Chinese coal mine. The Chinese mines are notoriously dangerous. Over 2,400 miners  died in 2010 as China’s need for energy soared once again. AFP claim the blast occurred at a mine that was operating without a proper license. State television explained how the mine had […]

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Qantas Ordered Back To The Skies

Australian airline Qantas has been ordered to return to normal service after an emergency tribunal in Melbourne. Fair Work Australia made their decision after hearing evidence from unions, government officals and the airline themselves. According to the BBC some 70,000 people have had their flights cancelled in 22 countries. The dispute is rumoured to be […]

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