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Doubling of oil prices overnight sees general strike and protests rock Nigeria

By Naila Missous Hundreds of thousands have demonstrated throughout Nigeria over the past three days in an escalating general strike against the government of President Goodluck Jonathan. The strike is in opposition to the lifting of fuel subsidies declared on January 1, leading to the doubling of petrol prices overnight. Protests began immediately, with a […]

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Bangkok on high alert following terror threat

By Simon Farnsworth The US embassy in Bangkok has issued a warning to all of its citizens over a “credible” terrorism threat in the Thai capital. This comes after two suspected Hezbollah militants entered Thailand with one being arrested. Thai authorities were made aware of a terrorism plot, with origins in Lebanon, at the end of 2011 by Israeli authorities. They have […]

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Ultimate review of 2011: October

By Naila Missous, Josh Wells, Dave Burridge, Vanessa Martinez, Cristian Meza, Matt Hill and Richard Smith     Libya October 20 was one of the most important and momentous days in Libyan and Arab history: former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed in Sirte. Graphic photos and videos of Gaddafi circulated in the worlds media. The dictator’s death still leaves […]

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What will happen if Scotland becomes independent?

By Josh Wells Scottish independence is one of the most sensitive issues in British politics and the tensions surrounding Scottish independence is only going to increase until a referendum on the issue happens. The first minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, had suggested that the referendum will happen in 2014 but Westminster has said if it […]

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Was Fergie right to bring back Scholes?

By Gerard Flanagan To the surprise of many including his fellow team mates, Manchester United legend Paul Scholes returned to the field yesterday at the ripe old age of 37. After bowing out of the game after his 15 minute appearance in the Champions League Final against Barcelona last May, Ferguson called upon the veteran […]

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Ultimate review of 2011: September

By Naila Missous, Josh Wells, Dave Burridge, Vanessa Martinez, Cristian Meza, Matt Hill and Richard Smith   EconomyItaly’s bond rate began to rise as investors spotted the next country to have problems with high debt levels.The difference was Italy really mattered and a bankrupt Italy threatened the existence of the Eurozone. Markets worried further over Greek debt as some economists […]

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Romney leads Republican nomination as Presidential race heats up

By Vanessa Martinez, California Republican front-runner Mitt Romney is attempting to restore his image just a day away from the January 10 primary in New Hampshire. According to CBS News, Republican Newt Gingrich lashed out on Sunday against Romney at the NBC News/Facebook debate in Concord, New Hampshire. “If you look at The New York […]

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Ultimate review of 2011: August

By Naila Missous, Josh Wells, Dave Burridge, Vanessa Martinez, Cristian Meza, Matt Hill and Richard Smith     Libya After a turbulent campaign, the Libyan rebels captured Tripoli on August 28. This represented the symbolic end of the civil war however whilst Gaddafi was still alive and other areas of Libya undecided upon its loyalties, there was still much tension in the country. […]

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Deadly suicide bombing kills 25 in Damascus

By Naila Missous At least 25 people are dead and dozens more injured after a suicide attack took place in a crowded district in central Damascus today. It was the second attack on the Syrian capital in only two weeks. The attack was carried out this morning in a busy section of the Midan neighbourhood. […]

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Ultimate review of 2011: July

By Naila Missous, Josh Wells, Dave Burridge, Vanessa Martinez, Cristian Meza, Matt Hill and Richard Smith   Norway attacks July 22 saw the horrific attacks of Anders Behring Breivik in Oslo and on the island of Utøya . Breivik exploded a car bomb in the the executive government quarter in Oslo. The explosion killed eight people and injured 10. Breivik then travelled to Utøya […]

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