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Frustrating Night For English Clubs as Minnows Shine (Champions League)

The Champions League threw up some surprising results today as some Europeans giants stumbled in the group stages. Two weeks after Chelsea put five past Genk, the two met again. This time around Genk refused to buckle, holding Andre Villas-Boas’ side to a 1-1 draw. Chelsea took the lead in the 25 minute through Brazilian […]

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Pete Townshend labels ‘Apple a digital vampire’

Legendary rock guitarist, Pete Townshend, has attacked Apple’s iTunes service at his debut John Peel Lecture. The Who guitarist argued against  the way in which iTunes handles new and upcoming artists. He said that Apple “should employ 20 people from the dying record business”, to promote and encourage new artists. ‘Like a digital Northern Rock’ […]

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Snowstorms Continue Across East Coast of America

Millions of Americans were left without power after a premature snow storm hit the northeastern United States this past weekend. Hundreds of thousands are still left without power, with little hope of restoration before Friday. President Barack Obama issued aid to the state of Connecticut, which faced some of the heaviest snowfall from the storm. […]

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Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant to Take 30 Years to Decommission

Four nuclear reactors at the ravaged Fukushima power plant will take 30 years to decommission, according to a report by Japanese officials. The Japanese Atomic Energy commission said they should be able to start clearing the debris in 10 years time after the reactors have finished their shutdown stage. Some experts are stating the clean […]

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Kim Kardashian Splits From Husband After Just 72 days

Reality TV star, Kim Kardashian has split from her basketball husband, Kris Humphries, after just 72 days. The couple first appeared in public together in December. Since then the couple have been in a whirl wind romance, tying the knot on August 20th. It wasn’t long after that, that rumours circulated about apparent riffs in […]

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The Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral has Resigned

The dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, Rt Rev Graeme Knowles, has resigned following recent protest outside the cathedral. The anti-capitalist protesters have been camped outside St Paul’s for weeks now. The historic cathedral was forced to close for several days because of the protests. These protest are just a small reflection of the discontent around the world. Many cities […]

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Cameron Propose Three Point Plan to Revive the British Economy

In an article in today’s Financial Times David Cameron proposed a three-point plan to solve Britain’s economic problems. The three points he proposes are deficit reduction, increase competitiveness and increasing global trade. Cameron attributes the fact that Britain still has a triple AAA credit rating to the deficit reduction plan. He argues that the USA recently had its triple AAA rating reduced because it couldn’t install the […]

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Deadly Snowstorms Hit The US

At least nine people have been confirmed dead as unseasonable snowstorms battered the East Coast of America. States of emergency were declared in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and parts of New York. It is thought that up to three million people will be without electricity for several days. Massachusetts suffered the heaviest snow fall, reaching […]

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100,000 Join Imran Khan in Protests Over Pakistan’s Relationship With USA

100,000 marched with former cricketer, Imran Khan, in protest over the Pakistani government’s relationship with the US. Khan has been especially vocal in recent months over US drones killing suspected militants in believed Taliban strong holds. It is argued that the drones kill innocent people as well as Taliban fighters. A recent poll has shown […]

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Explosion Forces Closure of Yemen Airport

Yemen have been forced to close its international airport in the capital, Sanaa after a number of explosions. Several blasts were heard in an air force base close to the international air port. This forced the closure of the international airport. Sanna has been a hot bed of unrest since protests began in Yemen to […]

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