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Parade’s End is a period drama like no other


By Chloe McKay I adore a really good period drama as they sweep me out of modern life and into a romantic and long forgotten world. Now some may say it is soppy to root for such characters as Elizabeth Bennett or Charles Dickens’ Little Dorrit but, I have always found that it is powerful […]

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Under the shadow of rising race tensions and out of control crime,Trinidad & Tobago celebrate 50 years of independence

Trinidad and Tobago boy

Today marks 50 years of independence for the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago from the British Empire and while their former rulers indulge in an Olympic summer, the former colony has become a bubbling melting pot of racial tensions and home to a soaring drug industry. For it’s golden anniversary,  Dan Graham, reports on […]

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Is Christian Grey really more popular than Jesus?


By Danni Norman  E.L. James, author of the bonk-buster Fifty Shades trilogy, must be smiling smugly to herself after recent figures released from her publishing team heralded Fifty Shades of Grey as the best-selling British book of all time. The first in the titillating trilogy, dubbed ‘Mummy Porn’, has sold over 5.3m copies since its release […]

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From Boy Scout to NASA Astronaut, Neil Armstrong proved that anything is possible


By Jake Tudge, Aviation and Space Correspondent  “This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” These words will be engraved in the memory of every school child from the space race era and indeed all the children of the future. For Neil Armstrong did not achieve something to be remembered in […]

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Unmukt Chand guides India to victory over Australia in U-19 World Cup final

The futures bright... India celebrate winning the U-19 World Cup

By Sagar Sambrani, India Contributor Indian U-19 captain Unmukt Chand scored his fifth U-19 ODI century as India overcame a spirited Australian side to win the final of the ICC U-19 World Cup at the Tony Ireland Stadium in Townsville, Australia. Skipper Chand was ably assisted by Baba Aparajith (33), who had performed consistently well in […]

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Boris Johnson dances at Olympic closing ceremony

boris dance

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, was caught wiggling to the Spice Girls at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. Look at him go! (Via Twitter: @M4TT)

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10 things we have learnt from London 2012


By  Simon Farnsworth 1- Team GB are amazing at anything that involves sitting down or beating people up. 2- The Irish do the best sailing commentary. 3- Pole vaulting poles DO snap. 4- We found out what kind of men take part in equestrian.   5- Sometimes, people do live up to their name.   […]

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London 2012: The rise of the Muslim female athlete

saudi women

By Naila Missous In the final weeks preceding the Olympic Games in London, Saudi Arabia issued an announcement that made headlines around the globe: Saudi women would be allowed to participate in the games for the first time in the Kingdom’s history. Praising cautiously, the international community could not deny that the ruling could represent a […]

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Algeria win controversial gold at London 2012


By Naila Missous First they told him to leave. Then they invited him back. Next they gave him the gold. Algeria’s Taoufik Makhloufi won the 1,500m gold medal at the London Olympics on Tuesday night, only a day after being kicked out of the Olympics. On Monday, Makhloufi was disqualified from the games after track […]

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Because he’s worth it? The booming male cosmetic industry


By Danni Norman I had a vivid nightmare last week, in which Brad Pitt was flourishing a mascara wand instead of wielding his customary sword. Just a bad dream? Actually, no. Type ‘make-up for men’ into an internet search and an array of amusingly serious video clips appear, with the aim of tutoring men in […]

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